Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vlada night out

Hey Kids,

I headed up to the Vlada Lounge with Mindy Cohn and we had a blast with all the boys.

Mindy was down in the dumps and called and asked if we could have a gay Hazing. Hazing is Mindy's term for needing a pick me up and the gays just flock around her with all their "Facts of Life" knowledge and memories. It cheers her right up

I thought Vlada was cool since I had met Kenny K their for drinks to discuss the show. They make a mean extra dirty Martini... it was awesome.

I was right the gays went wild in the monsoon called Mindy. She just makes everyone so happy with her Giddy smile and raspy sassiness. I just love her. All the boys were wild and Mindy did an impromptu "Facts of Life" trivia contest. Charlotte Rae would have been proud. She couldn't stump the gays on their FOL knowledge and she ended buying drinks for everyone. She's a sweetie and really makes me happy as well.

We had a great time and I hope Mindy felt better , I hate seeing her depressed. She hopped on a red eye back to LA... Hope she can make it back for my show.


The Big M

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