Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Hey Kids,

I'm off for a wild New years eve. I'll keep you updated but I wanted to post another
Clip of Nellie for the Nellie Fans...

Kisses, MargOH!

Friday, December 29, 2006

2nd Annual MargOH!'s "Most Annoying Straights of 06" list

Hey Kids,

This past month has been crazy and I've been really annoyed so I had to hold off on posting this.

I first must explain that just like last year there are no other people in the world that can be more annoying than the Bush administration. The only problem is that they are so boring to talk about that it makes it even more annoying. They are the actual top 5.. this is in Random order

George "Stupider than stupid" Bush
Condelezza "I'll do anything for George and I mean anything" Rice
Donald "Dickhead Idiot" Rumsfeld
Dick " When the hell will he die" Cheney
Laura "Caught like a deer in headlights" Bush

Then I had the issue of Pop culture and the horrible turn it has taken in the past 5 years or so. It got even worse this year with all of these skinny blonde's and on and off again blonde's running around showing off there cooters. They all landed in the 2ND top 5 or 6-10. I 'm not going to say much about these gals because I hear about it every day on the Internet, on the TV, in the newspaper, on the street...It is disgusting so here is 6-10

Paris Hilton
Nicole Richie
Britney Spears
Lindsey Lohan
Jessica Simpson

Just as a side note.... the only blonde's that did not annoy me this year were Tori Spelling and Loni Anderson. "So Notorious" was one of the funniest and most interesting shows of the past year and I think Tori Spelling showed how one should never take themselves too seriously. Bravo Tori!!!

Oh, yes and Dolly Parton who is a blonde by wig only but I love her and she is Okay every year in my book!!

Now to the top 5 which I guess is actually 11-15....yikes I'm confused

5. Donald Trump and the Miss USA Scandal

This story really threw me into a tizzy at the last minute. As a former winner of "Little Miss Lobster Festival" pageant when I was 6 in Bangor I was appalled by Tara Conner... Not because she was being a bad girl but that she got caught, stupid girl....didn't she learn anything from poor Vanessa Williams.

Its actually Donald Trump who is about as Annoying as you can get on a daily basis but what he said about Rosie was just horrible. He is a homophobic prick that doesn't deserve to be on television or be respected by anyone. Unfortunately middle America can't get enough of "The Apprentice" so we'll have to keep putting up with it! Thanks soccer Moms....

4. Mel Gibson

Just another homophobic, Jew hating, thinks he better than everybody else prick. Cuchie make me a Sloe Gin Fizz with a chaser of Jack...thanks doll. He makes me wanna drink even at 9 am. Whats even more annoying is that he can't handle his liquor, how sad!!! If ya can't hang Mel baby switch to diet coke. I think we should send Mel down to Australia and put him in a pen with some drunk kangaroos and have them beat the crap out of him!!! I hope Jesus will forgive him, he's so religious.

3. Naomi Campbell

I know Ms. Campbell was cleared of beating her domestic but I still think she did it. She obviously is a bad girl at heart and even her looks aren't enough for her. I treat all of my domestics with loving and open arms....well there is the off chance that I may have slapped Berna a couple of times but she's been with me since 1968. We're more like family.....

I thought models were done after 30 but for some reason they're sticking around now. Who changed that rule...Damn Lauren Hutton.... Naomi grow up and get some manners and do something for Humanity other than supplying us with crap perfume.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow for Estee Lauder

Is there anything more annoying than Gwyneth Paltrows commercials for Estee' Lauder. Well , yes my # 1 pick but not much else.

I am just so happy that this rich, thin, not a care in the world actress gets to go sailing on a gorgeous day or dance in a wheat field in a flowing peasant skirt whilst spraying herself with Estee' Lauders "Pleasures".

I think it stinks, yes the scent as well. Why not Cuchie? She needs a little pleasure in her life..... and I don't think that some alcohol ridden scent is gonna do it. Cuchie get me that perfume. Yes, it tastes better than it smells. That's how I got kicked out of the Betty ford clinic you know. I drank Tatum O'neals "White Diamonds" and she was pissed. I much prefer Red door... It almost tastes like a Burgundy, very tasty. I don't recommend any of Celine Dion's scents, they taste like baby formula....anyway I'm off track.

Please Estee Lauder can we see a big lesbian driving a tractor trailer and spritzing herself with your "Pleasures". It would be some much more realistic...

1. Tyra Banks

Okay, Tyra girl.....You ain't no Oprah! okay girl, and you ain't street neither. I think I need to go Mary J. on your ass and straighten you out girl. Oops sorry for that but Tyra just makes me think I'm a big black lady. No disrespect to my fabulous women of color.

I just think that Tyra and her show stink! I had no pity for her when she had Naomi Campbell on to tell her she was mean to her. Too bad....little Tyra.

Then she puts on a fat suit and feels like she knows what a fat girl goes through....why not just follow a fat girl like me around with a camera.

She has all of these shows about serious situations but has no idea how to handle anything.

Her range of emotion goes from 0-1 and her ability to scream and jump up and down for a very long time is quite unremarkable. Give me back Sally Jessie Raphael please!!!

The most annoying thing about Tyra is that she is responsible for giving Janice Dickinson a voice (another drunk that can't control herself) .

Shame on you Tyra!!!

This concludes most of my annoyances for 2006. There are many more but I don't like to dwell on these things.

I will be posting my "Big in 06" very soon as to set myself up for a fresh and fabulous 2007. It's going to be a wonderful year and MargOH! is going to be in your face. Hold on kids it may be a bumpy ride....

Remember MargOH! says

"Champagne is for every day not just New Years Eve"

Kisses, MargOH!


Honarable mentions

Tomkat- Please not another Wedding. I think that baby stole my Liza wig
Brad and Angelina- Please not another baby and those lips....
Flavor Flav- Not another season of "Flavor of Love"
Tom Hanks- He's always annoying but that hair in "The Davinci code " was precious
Bill Frist- Is he on purpose? I think God made a mistake on that one, send him back

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Hangover

Hey kids,

Hope you all had a happy holiday!!

We had a fabulous time up in Berna's neck of the woods....It's better having Berna
as a gal pal rather than my assistant. Though her job with kathie Lee is ending she
has scored a job as Polly Holiday's live in. She starts in January.

I did get a letter for a lawsuit filed by fat ass Kirsty Alley about the whole
"Spoksey" thing. Please she's a nut job!!! I heard that she is actually going bankrupt because of the cost of the Jenny Craig Food. I can't believe she didn't write it into her contract to get the food for free.

This lawsuit is ridiculous and am in no way responsible for Kirsty not winning
the "Spoksey"...

I am going on the "Jitterbug Tour" with Mickey Rooney starting January 2nd. I saw the "Jitterbug" bus and it is a house on wheels...just amazing. Mickey and I are gonna have a blast. Our first stop is a nursing home near exciting.

Kids, I'll be back to fill you in on the wild x-mas weekend or should I say XXX-mas weekend. MargOH! was having a ball or should I say two with a Chi Chi Larue porn star...Yikes!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ann Carr as Hickory Thicket dances with MargOH!

Hey Kids,

Another clip from my x-mas special. Hickory Thicket and I cut a rug...

Merry X-mas,


Vintage MargOH! Christmas Special

Hey Kids,

A little Christmas treat. Nellie Mckay on "The MargOH! Channing Show" christmas special from a couple of years back. We had a blast and I'll be putting more up soon.
Hittin the road for x-mas cheer. So I'll be back soon!!!

Merry X-mas Kids!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Shout out To "Rosie"

Hey Kids,

I have to say that I go up and down with my gal pal Rosie. Sometimes I love her and
sometimes hate her. She knows that and loves me for it.

I have to say though I am back in love with Rosie because she speaks the truth. it is hard for people to hear things the way it is but Rosie doesn't give a crap. Kudo's to you doll!!

The reason why my most annoying straights list is delayed is because I am so annoyed by The Donald and Miss USA. This girl should be stripped of her crown...don't forget what they did to Vanessa Williams.... bastards!!!

What I am most annoyed by is the homophobic remark that Donald made about Rosie's wife (I imagine it would be pretty easy to take her girlfriend away, considering how Rosie looks." )He was meaning a man!!!

He is disgusting and a pig. He has no right being on television.

Go F--- yourself Donald!!

Bravo Rosie!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays

Hey Kids,

One of my favorite Judy Performances....enjoy

Happy Holidays and thank you all for reading...

Kisses, MargOH!

PS- Most Annoying Straights list on its way...

Monday, December 18, 2006

A Christmas Tail

Hey Kids,

had a wild weekend....yawza.

Cuchie and I went to pick out a tree for x-mas and I ended up picking up more than that....

Many of you know but some don't that most of the tree merchants in NYC come down from Canada for about a month. They usually sleep in vans or RV's. They usually have 2 people take shifts selling the tree's while the other sleeps, etc. I often wonder how they take shower's etc. so I asked this cutie french Canadian about it. He said that they depend on the kindness of strangers for showers and bathrooms, etc.

Well you all know that I am a kind stranger and decided to ask Julian if he wanted to come shower and such at my place. Cuchie started spouting off something in Spanish and didn't look happy. I gave her the tree and told her to go home and get Julian's bath ready.

We stopped for a coffee and chatted and I noticed Julian was checking out MargOH!'s knockers. When we got back to the pad Cuchie was running the bath and had lit candles and put rose petals in. She slapped me in the arm and said go for it ya old gal. I'm not sure what she was talking about.... Julian was only about 22....

He immediately asked me to help him off with his jeans...who am I too say no. Julian was a vision in dirt. He did smell a bit rank but sometimes that's sexy. he then ripped off his underwear... he was workin a good 8 inches........

I'll stop there but just so that you know i am currently suffering from lower back pain and my skin is shriveled like a prune... we spent almost 27 hours in that tub and went through a case of mumms. Julien was an animal. Cuchie is exhausted from running in snapping photo's and pouring hot pans of water to keep it warm....

MargOH! got some Christmas Tail......

Happy Holidays!!!

Kisses, M

Friday, December 15, 2006

Britney's Emergency

Hey Kids,

Lynn Spears just called and told me that she did something terrible....and that it was all my fault.

MMM....How could that be?

She told me that she went a step further than my elastic and hot sauce idea. She bought a sling shot and a can of Lychee's in sugar. She then took the Lychee and dipped it in hot sauce and loaded the sling shot.

Britney came in from the pool just wearing her usual long tee that said "Spinster". She tripped over the baby's rattle and bent over to pick it up and Lynn shot that Lychee. Britney screamed with fright and fell to the floor. She then got up and was jumping around and grabbing her private area....ouch.

Lynn then told Britney what her plan was and they started fighting.... Then Britney said she really wasn't feeling well and that she felt like she had to pee. Lynn started to look for the Lychee but couldn't find it anywhere...she was stumped.

Britney then came out of the bathroom and said she couldn't pee and was having bad cramps. Lynn told Britney to bend over and she got a flashlight.. Lynn couldn't believe it. The Lychee had gone up Britney cooter and was lodged up there.

Lynn tried to get it out with her fingers, a pair of tweezers and even stuck the garden hose up there but it wouldn't come out.

She rushed Britney to their private doctor and they got it out. She still has to to douche for a week to flush out the hot sauce.

I told Lynn it was no way my fault and that a Lychee was not in my plan. I then asked Lynn if she was wearing panties.

She told me to hold and came back a minute later. "Ya, know MargOH! she is. I can't believe it".
She then told me she's be sending 2 grand and 3 cases of Mumms.

Job well done I thought to myself. I'm a good person damn it!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2nd Annual MargOH!'s "Most Annoying Gays of 06" list

Hey Kids,

Now you know I'd rather walk on my lips than say something bad about someone....but OH! what the Hell.

I get annoyed just like everyone else and it seems that the gays can be as annoying as hell. This is not to say that the straights don't do their part in making MargOH! tip the bottle. There will be a most annoying straights list to follow as well and of course my "Big in 06" list.

The list for most annoying gays was extremely easy this year because I didn't have to look much further than the TV network LOGO to supply my annoyances.....

LOGO in itself is a bit annoying seeing that it is a GLBT channel but for some reason bleeps out most all GBLT references...go figure.

Any who here is my list......

#5- Rufus Wainwright

Mr. Wainwright completely annoyed Ms. Channing when he decided to recreate one of the most magnificent evenings in the history of Entertainment. If you didn't know he performed the whole Judy Garland performance at Carnegie Hall. All I have to ask is Why..... Why..... Why...... .

Mr. Wainwright first and foremost is not one of my favorite singers mostly because of his annoying nasal ridden voice.

After listening to some of the tracks from this I have to say it was a mediocre attempt to salute a legend.

I am sure Mr. Wainwright had lovely intentions but I feel he jumped way out of his element and was wrapped up in his own ego . I think if he is planning any more of these types of concerts maybe he should attempt the Cat Stevens songbook...... Mama needs a dirty martini......

#4- Perez Hilton

Why in the hell is the gay world all wrapped up in the glory of Perez Hilton?..........Could it be that they can't help loving that "Hilton" name... Is it the fancy layout of his blog that turns them on? Is it that they think he is giving them the latest inside dish?(most of his stories are taken from other sources). If MargOH! has to ask all of these questions than she is instantly annoyed....Kids if you want good dish go check out the grand damn Lady Bunny......

# 3- Nemesis Rising

Oh, in the past we've had so many twins to annoy us...We have had the "Doublemint Twins", "The Olsen Twins", "The Barbie Twins" and now we have Jacob and Joshua Miller also known as "Nemesis". I personally like to call them "The Lazy Eyed Twins" or the "Thinning Hair Twins". Their show "Nemesis Rising" is like a train wreck that I can't keep from watching....I am actually annoyed at myself for tuning in which makes me even more annoyed with them. Its a vicious cycle. Jacob and Joshua set me free.

I'm a vocal stylist and no way a singer but I am annoyed that these boys got a recording contract. They are a shake away from terrible and am not sure how they have made it this far.

Oh, must be that someone at Curb records....or Logo think they are cute. I think they look a step away from being on the special bus. Nice bodies and being gay Jehovah's doesn't make for good voices...Poor Barry Manilow looked like he needed a stiff drink after producing a track for them..... I'm sure Barry got a little man meat for that job from the slutty one.....

I'm sure I'll take some heat for this choice but c'mon people we need better pop stars than this..... When an artist has no control over the material they sing it's sad...A Bay City Roller's cover, Please... Cuchie make MargOH! a stiff one!!!!!

#2 - Best Gay Blogs

Well this choice is more of an entity than a person. It is "Best Gay Blogs". They really have ticked me off and I am annoyed with this site. It claims to be a GLBT site that lists GLBT blogs and highlights and reviews many blogs. My issue is that it really only focuses on men and has hardly any focus on Lesbian, Bi- or transgendered blogs.

I listed my blog because I figured this Bi-sexual gal would be a hit....LOL, not.

They did mention me once but just to say that the title of my blog was the longest they'd ever seen. Thanks so much dolls but if you're going to say derogatory things MargOH! won't have you over for a cocktail!!!

As Berna said..."They can go fuck themselves". I of course don't use such language but "Best Gay Blogs" you suck!!!

# 1- Jason & DeMarco

Oh, LOGO....Thank you so much for supplying me with this saccharine bittersweet couple. At least no one had the sense to give them a recording contract. They went ahead and created their own label...How fun!

The video that played on LOGO for months was a side splitting tour De force for the "poker girls". A gay Christian couple singing sweet nothings to each other or should I say whispering... "When I see you.....blah, blah, blah..... Its all very typical and so amusing how the LOGO viewers were enraptured by these boys . My favorite quote off their website is from deMarco

"People have told us that separately we are good as musicians, but something amazing happens when we come together and sing."

From Jason

"Although my Pentecostal background is the foundation of my morals, spirituality and ideals, with age my spiritual path has broadened as well as my music, crossing over boundaries and able to reach people from all walks of life. Music is a Universal language; the language of the soul."

Cuchie get me the pale...I'm gonna puke. This stuff is better than Sally fields "You like me, You really, really like me".

I'm glad that people out there like Jason & deMarco. However, it is the right of every American to be completely annoyed by them.

This completes my list for "06". It is my time to vent all the crazy building up from the world of Celebrity. I will then start a new in January and hope not to be annoyed in "07".

Kisses, MargOH!


Honorable mentions
Mark Foley- A big ugly mess
Will Wikle- Why is he hosting anything?
Heatherette- Richie just purses his lips too much
Michael Kors- Makes some of the ugliest mens clothes I've ever seen, Who is he to Judge?
Mary Cheney- Daddy's little lesbian, how nice for her....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Focus For Change Concert

Hey Kids,

Its been a while since I went out on the town. Its been mostly poker nights with the gals but that has become a bore.

I was thrilled when Kate Pierson from the B-52's called me and asked me to go to the Focus For Change Concert. It was being hosted by that hunk of a man Gael Garcia Bernal. Peter Gabriel also hosted but he's a bit old for me now. This concert is to promote Human rights or something, who knows anymore???

I was thrilled when I hopped in the car and Fred Schneider was there to. Although I have to say he looks a lot like my aunt Trudie now. It is a bit sad when rock stars get old. It's like looking at feedback from a microphone if we actually could see what that looks like...

Of course they busted out the medicinal weed....I usually don't smoke but when someone offers I usually take a bit. I had a hit or two but then when I told Kate she looked thin I knew it was time to stop.

We hopped out of the car, well I rolled out and was whisked down the red carpet. I'm tired of the handlers at these things. Kate and Fred squeezed me out....I never get my red carpet glory. Luckily I was swept right in front of Gael...yawza. What a hunk of a man that is....I grabbed him and gave him a big wet kiss right on the lips.

Gael was taken a bit off guard but he went with it and dipped me a la ballroom style and returned the favor. My blouse popped open and he even took a look at the knockers... He then asked me who I was?

Its always fun to meet someone new so I gave him the quick history. He added that he must have me be an extra in one of his films so I slipped him my card.

Yes, people right into the front pocket......he really is a big star. Very gracious and very eager to please.... I had to run to the ladies to fix the lips after that. Kate came in and said she couldn't believe my spunk. The press had seen it all and were ready to start a rumor.

Oh, please, I said. I still think he's as gay as a picnic basket.....

Kate got a little uncomfortable when I brought up the fact that I owned a bordello in Bangkok. I think she forgot about that even though my girls gave her a massage on more than one occasion when the b-52's came to rehearse for their tours in my cabaret. I told Kate, don't worry my girls were always over 18. I'm all about human rights but she insisted on leaving right away....whatever

The night otherwise was a big bore but that's what most of these events are like...

Kisses, MargOH!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

MargOH! goes Britney Spears

Hey Kids,

I got a frantic call from Lynn Spears the other day. She had been talking to Betty Degenerous about Britney's panty problem and Betty recommended she call me for advice.

I'm always ready to help, for a price of course.

Lynn asked me how to get Britney to wear underwear again. She said that since Brit's been separated she's been walking around the house with a long tee and nothing else. All the while bending over picking up baby toys and such, exposing her cooter. Lynn says she has no shame...

I told Lynn that it's simple, All you need is a rubber band and some hot sauce.

Lynn seemed perplexed and didn't say a word.

I said Lynn if you want me to help I need a promise of a grand and two cases of Mumms..

Lynn said no problem

I went on to explain that every time Britney bends over exposing her cooter she should take an elastic band , dip it in hot sauce and shoot it at her clit. She'll scream and eventually will realise that she needs a panty to protect her minge. I mean really after the pics i saw I'm sure she has sand and dust up there...its sad.

Lynn said she would try it even though she didn't believe in punishment. I told Lynn that this wasn't a punishment. I told her she was actually saving the world!! She was empowered and finally agreed she'd do it.

I'll keep you updated on if it worked. It should, I did it all the time to Berna when she went through the teddy with no panties phase back in the early 90's.

Kisses, MargOH!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stoli's Robo-Tripping

Hey kids,

I knew there was something odd going on when i noticed all of my Sudafed and NyQuil kept
disappearing from my Medicine cabinet. I have had a stubborn cold and Cuchie went to the drug store the other day and everything is gone already. I mean ,I could understand my vodka running out in a day or even a few hours but not cold remedies, never. I had her run out for more right away.

So then I put a camera in the bathroom to find out what was going on. I let it run all day yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Well, I find out that Cuchie is having a bit of a thing with an Asian delivery guy who was obviously sticking more than menu's through the crack of the door. She better scrub that bathtub out!!!

I fast forwarded through that mess and see Stoli downing the whole bottle of NyQuil then half a box of Sudafed. I went straight to her room and she was all fucked up and said she was "Robo-Tripping". I guess all the kids are doing it but Stoli keeps forgetting she's 26.

I was in a huff because I had gotten her a PA job on "The View", thanks Rosie... but she was so messed up she forgot to go in......

I told Stoli that her Mama may like to drink and enjoy a little recreational weed from time to time but missing work is a no, no!!!!!!!!!!! So I shook her until she puked and called "The Betty Ford Clinic".

They owe me a free bee from that time I spent 2 days there ( Sully sent me under false pretenses). They asked me to leave because I drank all the rubbing's the same as vodka, just a little stronger. They said if I left they would give me a voucher for a family it's time to pay up.

They work fast, a man in a little white coat came and got her by the end of day. I gave him a $50 dollar bill and asked that he make sure she's not home for Christmas.

Stoli was kicking and screaming saying she'd never do it again and this was all unnecessary. She also added that none of this would have ever happened if "stumpy" was here.

So I said "Well Stumpy's not here, is he he".....

I'll say it again Motherhood is a Troublesome Burden

Kisses, MargOH!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New Show in the works

Hey Kids,

I am in the process of creating a new live show to perform in 2007....It takes me a bit and a few dirty martini's to come up with a concept.

The next show will be called "What Makes a Legend Drink Most?"

I am planning some original songs for this one and I did a first draft of my first one to feast your eyes on.....This will be my first dive into songwriting so who knows what the melody will be....

Pretty Face

Too bad, she‘s got such a pretty face
Oh, how I wish she were thin
I’m sure Paris, Lindsey and Ashley O think it’s the case
Oh how her life would begin without that sagging chin
Too bad, she’s got such a pretty face

I think I need a glass of gin, Ashley mix me that right away
I don’t care what Lindsey has to say
There is nothing this body can’t begin to do
Oh,Ring dings and tit sling’s cutting in my back (Chorus)
I am a fat girl and that’s a fact,Mary-Kate pass me that cheese fondue (Chorus)

Sometimes I wonder why people say what they say
It’s true I do have a pretty face
It’s a dog eat dog world but this fat girl will make her way
No, no Lindsey not by eating my weight in strawberry parfaits
This is who I am and how I’d like to stay

(Repeat Chorus)

Sometimes I wonder why people say what they say
Imagine a perfect world, who am I to judge?
It’s a dog eat dog world but this fat girl will make her way
It’s true I do have a pretty face, Mary-Kate pass me that chocolate fudge
This is who I am and how I’d like to stay

(Repeat Chorus)

I think I need a glass of gin, Ashley mix me that right away
I don’t care what Paris has to say
There is nothing this body can’t begin to do
Ring dings and tit sling’s cutting in my back
I am a fat girl and that’s a fact, Mary-Kate pass me that cheese fondue

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, December 04, 2006

MargOH! goes Ugly

Hey Kids,

Sorry I've been on the DL but my agent Shecky Burns landed me a role in "Ugly Betty" and I had been filming like mad. I was given the part of "Mad Mode Lady" # 6. I'll be in an elevator scene. It was my first elevator scene since I did stand in work for Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction"....This role was a little less demanding..Michael Douglas stunk to high heaven. Let CZJ have him.

It was a blast and I loved the cast. Especially that Eric Mabius, mmmm MargOH! got a bit overheated over the food table. Well, I also got a little sweaty because I had to assist Vanessa Williams with putting on her panty girdle, not to hide any fat but to conceal her overgrown muff.

Vanessa told me she doesn't believe in waxing, its not natural!!!

America(Betty) and Mark Indelicato (Justin) were also adorable and very kind to the old gal. Justin asked for my autograph because he knew I had been married to Rodney Allen Rippy and he was one of his mothers cute.

I couldn't believe how much fun I had even though i was paid scale unlike most of my other work but I figured it's a hot show so what the hell.

On other news! Berna is not back in the fold as of yet because she is still acting up. I love Cuchie, she's a real workhorse. The house is so clean and she even makes me Gluten Free cookies. She even has Stoli doing her chores and finally talked her out of wearing the diaper. Berna is hard at work with Kathie Lee at MSG assisting her with "Annie". Carlo is now driving for Ms. Gifford as well. I just got my invite to Kathie Lee's Christmas ball again but I may pass this year and go to something more trendy...who know's.

I'll be back kids....

Kisses, MargOH!