Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I'm back in business

Hey Kids,

Did ya miss me. I was so busy over the holidays that I have been dissin my blog.

My Christmas episode was filled with fun with my darling special guest Nellie Mckay playing her xmas favorite "Santa Baby" and then "What are you doing New Years Eve". Of course she was just lovely, I just adore little Nellie. I have to say she looked Fab in her 50's inspired frock. We also had my new friend and world renowned spokes model Hickory Thicket, we did an inspired dance to "Steam Heat", really shook out these old bones and those dance Lessons with Glenda(my super)really payed off.
The director of our show Jeff catlow also sang and he did a fabulous rendition of "I'll be home for xmas" accompanied by Jessie Kempf on Piano (Grandniece of Liberace), It was a gay affair for sure!!!.
I also sang with my cast "rockin around the xmas Tree" which was later dubbed in editing due to my powerful range.

Another fab happening was my guest appearance on "That's Kentertainment". Ken is a joy and we had a blast even though he seemed unaware that I was scheduled. I made my singing debut as we did a duet of "Baby, it's cold Outside". Though it was very warm, I think Ken and I have a heat between us and not to mention that sexy piano player David and that hunky cameraman. I almost thought it may turn into an outright orgy but somehow I was able to keep my professional wits about me and get the taping done still fully clothed. Thanks Ken, let's do it again......

I am about to go have lunch with Brigitte Nielson to discuss my upcoming show and see if I can get her and that little black man with the gold teeth to come on and tell us about their undying love for eachother. It is a bit scary but my show need just a touch more drama, ya think!!!

See ya Kids,

Love MargOH!