Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The MargOH! Channing Variety Hour Pictorial II

Hey Kids,

More pics of the show...

MargOH! as liza, MargOH!'s life story on a table, MargOH! about to show her cooter and MargOH! just gorgeous..

Enjoy kids

I'm just about to run over to Barbara Walters for a "Demise of Star Jones Reynolds" Party. I got the gorgeous embossed invitation this morning, WaWa is quick.. FYI The pic of star on it is when she was still fat....I'll let you know who is there!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MargOH! Channing Variety Hour Pictorial part I

Hey Kids,

Here are some pics of the show...

MargOH! as Judy, MargOH! with Jeff and Jarad and MargOH! w/ Ann Carr

Intimate Nights

Hey Kids,

I went to a fabulous show last night. It was to promote the updated version of "intimate nights" which chronicles the history of cabaret, it is an updated version.

The show was fantastic with Blossom Dearie, Nellie McKay, Baby Jane Dexter, Julie Wilson and the fun but a little smelly Kiki and Herb. I'm not sure if Mr. Mellman knows his suit is a bit musty... Fun none the less.. Kiki's a drinkin type of gal like MargOH! but I have a few less wrinkles...

We had front row seats and were close to the stage, a bit too close but it was great to see some of the greats go to it, fantastic.

Afterwards I got to speak with Nellie and her darling mother Robin and Nellie will most likely be a guest in one of my cabaret's if we can figure out a time that fits her schedule.... How grand... If I can get her i may even do it at Joe's Pub kids which would mean MargOH! has arrived....

I had a fabulous extra dirty martini and an extra dirty conversation with John Wallowich, another cabaret legend, he was hot to trot for my director Jeff, that pesky old thing was tryin to pick up MargOH!'s beard, what an ass... I was feeling a bit Lesbian last night with all those hot ladies on stage... I'm bad

It was a fun evening and I'm glad I went so run out and buy this book "Intimate Nights". It is a good read, the cabaret people are a bit down and dirty just like little old MargOH!

Kisses, The Big M

Monday, June 26, 2006

The reviews are in!!!

Hey Kids,

Here's a few reviews of "The MargOH! Channing Variety Hour and 10 minutes"

"MargOH! Channing is brilliant, a comedy genius, next stop broadway, we wanted to hose her down"- The FDNY

"MargOH! lights up the stage like the inside of a Tuna Can". "She never lets us down"- The Bangor Box Weekly

"MargOH! Channing makes me sick... with Laughter- Mickey Rooney

"MargOH! sucked the life out of me but Ann Carr, Jeff Catlow and Jarad Astin were terrific"- The Fishmonger daily

"It was a pleasure to hear MargOH! ruin my song "New Girl in Town", what a voice on her, like cats being run over by an MTA bus" - Linda Lavin

"Who in the hell is MargOH! Channing?, I'm not going to her show"- Vincent Canby

"It was amazing, Ann Carr was a hoot, Jeff Catlow has a gorgeous voice , Jarad Astin was killer on Piano, MargOH!'s costumes were awesome"- a drunk audience member

I'll post pics asap and video soon kids. Now I must get back to getting out on the town.

Going to Joe's Pub tonight for a cabaret retrospective, I'll fill you in soon!!!

Kisses, The big M

Friday, June 23, 2006

MargOH! is now a Published Poet, check it out

Hey Kids,

This is a very exciting time for old MargOH!

Not only was my show a personal triumph and I must thank everyone involved.

My darling Jeff Catlow for his brilliant direction and outstanding vocal Performance to "Strangers in the Night". It was gorgeous!!

To The lovely Ann Carr and her brilliant character Hickory Thicket. You are the best!!! Funnier than any gal I know..

Thank you to my darling Jarad Astin for his Haunting piano playing and his comic relief that was well needed... He is the best piano player in the world according to MargOH!

Sam Rowan who stepped in as my wardrobe mistress due to Berna's inability to make me happy!!! Sam did a bang up job for little old MargOH! and she really knows how to handle the pressure of Handling MargOH!... Love ya Kiddo

Rob Rowan for his advice and just being an all around swell guy!!

Jessie Kempf for her initial piano guidance, she is the second best piano player in the world to MargOH! and use of her lovely apartment for rehearsals..Bravo my love

Ken Kleiber for filming my little show for his Big TV show "Thats Kentertainment"
Love ya baby!!!

Nathan exposed for his fabulous podcast that got some of my Gays to come and check me out!! Thanks doll!!!

To Mike Dantico for being my bestest friend, kisses Doll

To all the fans that came to support me and you know who you are, I love you all!!!

Now Kids Miss Channing is also a published poet in "The Literary Pride Supplement" from "The Windy City Times"... I linked it

I entered my poem for their consideration and was chosen to be published. I am very excited about this. It is titled "MargOH! and Nellie" and is about my friendship with
singer, songwriter and Broadway star Nellie McKay.

Nellie was one of the first guests I had on my Talk show and she even came back for my christmas special. She is a darling marvelous woman and I just adore her.She is an advocate for gay marraige and animal rights, things that are very close to MargOH! as well. She is just the best

I wrote it as a statement about how different people from different walks of life can come together to make art and be peaceful human beings. Acceptance for life, love and the freedom to express ourselves any way we choose....

Now I need a drink, it's all so grand... Cheers Kids

kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Smashing success

Hey Kids,

I had my show last night and it was a smashing success. I will post some pics and video soon. I'm a little hung so I'll update you more when I have had some more champagne and get my day going....

Thanks for all the support kids!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Berna lost a Ton

Hey Kids,

I just had to tell you that Berna has practically Slimmed down overnight!!!

At first after her gastric bypass she really didn't seem to lose any weight. I even caught her eating a double whopper w/ cheese and a milkshake, terrible girl.

The other day she went out with Rufus Wainwright before one of his "Judy" shows at carnegie hall and when she came back, she said she felt like Rufus had given her a spiritual awakening when she watched him rehearse.... Not sure why she was even with him.... anyway, she said after Rufus's sister martha sang "Stormy Weather" she started vomiting and vomiting until she passed out in a pool of sick.

When she walked through the door I couldn't believe it. She looked like she had lost 100 pounds... It was amazing.

Berna said that she puked up her guts and felt light as a feather. I guess everything she had eaten got caught in that little stomach and was just hanging out... but after hearing all that Rufus wainwright singing it made things start moving. Listen , I am all for Rufus but honestly that high pitch screeching can get a bit tiresome!!!!!

Well anywho, Berna got on the scale and believe it or not she lost 70 pounds.. Wow!!!
Thank god, i ran out and bought her some super slimmy low rise jeans I got at the Gap and they almost fit... just a few more pukes and she'll be in em...

This is a breakthrough for Big ole Berna and I'm thrilled for her....

This means she'll be able to do windows again without breaking them!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action

Hey Kids,

Yesterday I went to "The Duplex" for my Tech rehearsal.

Unfortunatly they sadly told me we couldn't use the Pyrotechnic machine with the large bursts of fireworks and smoke.... It took poor Berna a month to put that together.

We will trudge along with a basic lighting scheme I suppose.... I don't like to do anything small kids!!

It will look gorgeous and stunning so don't fret... My hair will be the biggest thing on stage... Oh I mean the bottle of Champers may be a tad bigger....

See ya at the party kids

Kisses, MargOH!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Kisses From MargOH! Podcast w/Nathan Exposed

Hey Kids,

Check out my Podcast on Itunes. Just go to Podcasts and search Nathan Exposed. Look for the title of Kisses from MargOH!

I love the Podcast but I think I sound a bit Manly.... I'm not sure must be the podwaves.

Nathan talks about Tuna as well, how fitting being that I am a fishmongers daughter.

Check it out Kids!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, June 12, 2006

I'll be back

Hey kids,

I've been so busy with the show I am at a loss for blogging right now... I will try my best to jot some things down. If I don't I will be back stronger then ever on June 22, the day after my Cabaret Debut Kids...

Don't forget I will be on a Podcast with Nathan Exposed coming soon. I'll keep you posted when that will be... Nathan is such a sweetie

Kisses, MargOH!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Wicked Rogue of The Republican Party

Hey Kids,

If I've said it once, I've said it twice... This Bitch is crazy.

Look into those crazy Republican eyes.Pools of love for the war in Iraq
and everything that includes selling her stupid Moronic Books.

I know kids MargOH! is getting serious but this slag gets my goat... She makes want to down a bottle of vodka in 5 seconds.. Oh I already do that!!

Please don't buy this womans books, she is insane.

She must have forgotten who the first person was to use a widow's grief for political gain. Our President

I remember it like yesterday when Bushy addressed us after the 9/11 attacks. Seated right next to The sad first lady Laura Bush was a 9/11 widow... I think her husband was on one of the planes. He hung her out there like a carrot for his call on this endless war on terrorism.

I will say this one more time...

Ann Coulter is a vile, evil woman... She is absolutely nuts and a power hungry minx.

If you see this woman in the street please look and run the other way!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

To the lovely women who have tirelessly worked to get answers from our government I applaud you.

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, June 05, 2006

So Busy

Hey Kids,

I have been so busy I have not been able to sit down and write. I did have a great weekend , rehearsing and enjoying a BBQ at Mickey and Jan Rooney's. Those two are a couple of old drunks.... everything was marinated in Jack Daniels.

Mickey was giving me pointers on a dance number I'm doing and threw out his back. I felt terrible but Jan tossed him on the ground and walked on his back with her bare feet. She asked me to get a rolling pin from the kitchen. I wondered why? Mickey was screaming in anguish. I handed the rolling pin to her and she clocked him in the head. He was out cold. I stood there in a silent panic but Jan said, it's the only way to keep him quite while I get out the kinks.. Most of the time he starts yelling about Louis B Mayer but I am so sick of the whining she said.

About 5 minutes later Mickey woke up just as Jan had finished rolling out his back.

He got up like nothing had happened and hugged Jan and then proceeded to eat a half rack of Ribs...

Now that's love kids....

Kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Liz Taylor Mad as Hell after Larry King appearance

Hi Kids,

Did anyone see that living Doll Liz Taylor on Larry King...

Well Liz called me because she knows I am heavily connected in the Spokesmodeling
field and once sold a "fat blaster" in Bangkok that was a huge success... Well a huge success for my wallet but somehow no one lost any weight... It's not my fault people have no will power.. Berna get me my 0 Trans-Fat Lays would ya doll..

Anywho Liz is starting to sell her jewelry so she wanted the number to my friend, "The Maria Callas of Spokesmodeling" Miss Hickory Thicket. I of course gave her the number but she ended up chewing my ear off at what an Ass Larry King is.
She also said she thinks he's gone a bit senile himself.

She was pissed that he was so confused about what was her personal Jewelry and what was part of her upcoming items for Purchase. She said the only reason she went on was to market her crap, oh I mean Lovely jewelry. I also set Liz up with some cheap labor in Bangkok to get the crap, I mean lovely Jewelry made. Don't forget Kids that I ran a 25 seat Cabaret/Bordello/Escort service in Bangkok for many years...

Liz also stopped shipment on the necklace she sent to Larry's wife as a good gesture..

If I've learned one thing about Liz. Don't mess with Miss Taylor or she'll make sure life is not so pleasant but in the nicest possible way. I tried to sell an old bottle of white diamonds on ebay and I was sent a cease and assist order... She has people everywhere watching over her royalties....

I do agree with Liz, Larry needs to listen a little better, maybe a Q-tip would help.

Poor, Poor Liz

Kisses, Kids