Friday, June 16, 2006

Lights, Camera, Action

Hey Kids,

Yesterday I went to "The Duplex" for my Tech rehearsal.

Unfortunatly they sadly told me we couldn't use the Pyrotechnic machine with the large bursts of fireworks and smoke.... It took poor Berna a month to put that together.

We will trudge along with a basic lighting scheme I suppose.... I don't like to do anything small kids!!

It will look gorgeous and stunning so don't fret... My hair will be the biggest thing on stage... Oh I mean the bottle of Champers may be a tad bigger....

See ya at the party kids

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Dan Coopey8:38 AM

    Hey HargOH!
    My name is Dan, my freind Phoebe introduced my to your Charming and insitive blog, now im addicted!
    We were thinkin you should take a trip over here some time, im sure you could teach us London kids a thing or two about partying!
    You seem like a real hoot!
    I have very big hair MargOH! and was thinking it would be nice if you could share some of your styling tips with us, mine gets a little wild with all the nasty wind we get in London. Phoebe has a new wig also, which could do with a little preening.
    Please say you will grace us with your presence some time soon?

    dan xxx

  2. MargOH! so sorry for miss spelling your name before, must be all this god damn hair in my eyes?

    Dan xx

  3. Hello Dan,

    Thank you for your kind words and yes I am quite a boozehound.

    You know I have a bottle of PIMS in my cabinet and I think I'm gonna throw a splash in my 7 up doll... Love it

    Actually MargOH! is coming to Sheffield , England in October to attend a wedding of sorts for my top Gays... How grand it would be to meet you all....

    To share a glass of spirit, though I can't drink a ale due to my silly Celiac.. I'm sure I could pound down a few dirty Martini's

    I plan on doinf some Podcasts and I will be sure to give some Tips on a Huge hairdo.... It's simple really. Keep teasing and use a can of Aqua Net, LOL. When Fly's and champagne corks get caught in it you know you have reached the perfect bubble.
    Kisses, MargOH!

  4. Good ol' Aqua Net. That stuff is fierce. If you run out of super glue, it makes a nice temporary substitute until you can get to a store.

    I see nothing wrong with using fireworks in your show, btw. Silly people are so overprotective.

  5. Thanks for the tip MargOH! im feeling far to hungover to go to such effort today though. was my freinds birthday weekend, and you can be sure we drank plenty of Mohito's and Champagne, i dont remember what else. anyhow it was crazy. i asked my freind if she had read your Blog and she said yeah! obviously your a bad influence MargOH! when my headache subsides i shall do the hair thing for sure. I bet you always look 100% even with the worst hangover?

    Dan xxx

  6. Dan darling,

    I rarely have hangovers because I rarely stop drinking!!

    It is the one constant in my life along with my fans and thank my lucky stars. I've been friends with Jack Daniels and Mr. Beefeater longer than anyone.... Well berna's been around for a long time too but she's the hired help!!

    Now remeber darling if you don't have any of the dog that bit you. Drinking lots of this beverage people tell me its called water, you know it makes ice...drink lots of it before you go to sleep and you will wake up as fresh as a bartles and James wine cooler, LOL.

    Kisses, The Big M