Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Intimate Nights

Hey Kids,

I went to a fabulous show last night. It was to promote the updated version of "intimate nights" which chronicles the history of cabaret, it is an updated version.

The show was fantastic with Blossom Dearie, Nellie McKay, Baby Jane Dexter, Julie Wilson and the fun but a little smelly Kiki and Herb. I'm not sure if Mr. Mellman knows his suit is a bit musty... Fun none the less.. Kiki's a drinkin type of gal like MargOH! but I have a few less wrinkles...

We had front row seats and were close to the stage, a bit too close but it was great to see some of the greats go to it, fantastic.

Afterwards I got to speak with Nellie and her darling mother Robin and Nellie will most likely be a guest in one of my cabaret's if we can figure out a time that fits her schedule.... How grand... If I can get her i may even do it at Joe's Pub kids which would mean MargOH! has arrived....

I had a fabulous extra dirty martini and an extra dirty conversation with John Wallowich, another cabaret legend, he was hot to trot for my director Jeff, that pesky old thing was tryin to pick up MargOH!'s beard, what an ass... I was feeling a bit Lesbian last night with all those hot ladies on stage... I'm bad

It was a fun evening and I'm glad I went so run out and buy this book "Intimate Nights". It is a good read, the cabaret people are a bit down and dirty just like little old MargOH!

Kisses, The Big M


  1. John wallowich too? MargOH!, you swig with the best! I started on the painting of you and nellie, it's pretty funny, I'll be sure to finish it, but MargOH!, it's my birthday soon, and the party (at a hidden gem of a surreal pub, where the landlady, betty, is well over 100 years old, and where a blind organist plays every saturday since 1976) is fancy dress.. any suggestions for my costume? Dan might need a pointer too, though he does scrub up well. xX

  2. Hey Doll,

    How about Debbie harry and Andy Warhol, It's 80's chic, sexy and simmering for a summer fancy dress party kids... Happy B-day doll,

    Can't wait to see the painting... hot

    Kisses, MargOH!