Friday, December 03, 2004

I'm Glammy Mad

Hi Kids,

Hope you all had a fine Turkey Day. Berna and I spent the Holiday at the "Fish Mongers" retirement home in Alaska with my mother. Of course we had Salmon and an odd dessert called Sardine's foster, mmm.... I only go see my mother once a year just because that's enough.

Now,I am not one to be upset about not being recognized for my hard work and have in the past for my roles in "The Planet of the Apes" I won the extra of the year award. Many years later for my turn as "The Reception dancer" in Steel Magnolia's I won the coveted EXIE. However I am a little upset that I did not even get a mention or even an invite to the 2004 GLAMMY Awards, poor Brini maxwell and I were snubbed just because we are on television. I think the GLAMMY committee , whomever they are, should give an award for best television performer. I think I was more upset that I did not get an invite, bastards. I know that I shouldn't get upset but I would have liked to storm the stage like JIMMY James and declare my Glammy misfortune.
I need a drink, it's all too much for me. I am Glammy Mad.

Ciao, MargOH!