Sunday, June 29, 2008

MargOH! sings Sex Machine

Friday, June 27, 2008

Pics from Burlesque Show

Here are a few Pics from burlesque show!

Berna gets Angry

hey Kids,

Well my show was a smash success. I'll be posting pics and video's on youtube in the coming weeks. The band was excellent and a special thanks to the Dirty boogaloo, my daddy snuggs, Skinny Tallz and darryl!!

MargOH! really felt like a rock star in the making. I'm no longer afraid to belt it out for the masses and will continue to explore my vocal prowess... The dancers were all wonderful! Legs Malone, La john Joseph, Incedible, Edible Akynos and RunAround Sue were all fabulous. My "Gay Boy of ceremonies" MAN-ee Champagne was in rare form...LOL, too funny.

My experiment of taking lines from several different sitcoms and movies really worked well, I took quotes from such shows as Golden Girls, Sanford and Son, The Nanny, The Jeffersons, Mary Tyler moore show and the movie Steele Magnolia's. I mixed them all up with the banter between MAN-ee and I and it was so fun. We're going to the show again very soon. We had such a blast and MargOH! maniacs were very pleased!

The one sore spot in the evening however was my on again off again wardrobe mistress Berna Breckenridge turned on me after the show.....Ever since she's been the head gaffer at the Letterman show she's so touchy. She seems to forget who paid for her gastric bypass and nursed her back to dare she get crazy and slap me in the face because I picked up her shorts and said "Who's are these, they're enormous". Yes, that's right kids Berna slapped me in the kisser with her big meaty hand. Luckily, I was into my 4Th bottle of champers and i didn't even feel it but of course i didn't take this lying down. We had a bit of a scuffle which ended with me trying to drown her in the bathtub. Poor Linda Hunt had to use all of her power to hoist me off of her...I hate acting inappropriate in front of an Oscar winner but how dare that Berna Hit me, after all I've done for her, really. she also has more sass lately after her engagement with her union buddy....I still think that's a farce but who knows.

Kids can you believe I had to ice my cheek the next day and was forced to have a dirty martini at 8am to ease the pain. It's bad enough getting slapped by my help but to also be forced to drink that early in the well....a treat i suppose but damn that Berna. She is officially on my shit list for sure!!!

Kids, I'll be back with photo's and video of the burlesque show!

Kisses, MargOH!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MargOH! gets Press

Hey Kids,

MargOH! got a lovely notice in the NEXT Magazine. Check it out!