Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Night with Nellie McKay

Hey Kids,

I have been just a busy little beaver tracking down guests and writing new shows for the upcoming season. Honestly it has completely worn me out! Especially since Berna has been no help whatsoever, lolling about the house all day, reading Teen People and eating platters of smoked kipper.

Despite this hectic pace I simply had to make time to see my darling friend, singer/songwriter Nellie McKay. She played at the Laila Lounge as part of The Williamsburg Jazz Festival, a week ago Friday. I knew I wouldn't be able to make her performance at the Great Wall of China because of my harrowing schedule, so I cleaned my calendar for the night and made plans to see Nellie's show.

Berna and I hopped on the L train to have a drink at my shot girl GG's place beforehand. As these things sometimes go, one drink turned into way too many Lychee martinis. At least the mood was festive which kept GG and Berna under control. I was so afraid that they would get into a brawl. I couldn't have that happen in Williamsburg! What would my favorite little hispters think of me if THAT happened??!!!

Anyway, we staggered down the street to try and get a good seat but the lounge mainly was standing room only. I had to lean on Berna for my heels were killing me! I have to start wearing flats. Ouch, ouch, ouch. GG got us a couple of vodka and tonics. Still off the gin! Yeah!

When Nellie came in she was struggling with a large book of sheet music. I think she needs a Berna, someone to carry things for her and what not. That shows me that she is the real deal and she likes to brave these things on her own. Then again if she had someone like Berna she would probably end up doing it on her own anyway!

Nellie had her hair in a fabulous French twist and her eyeliner was at such a perfect angle that it even gave her hair more height. Her outfit was just this fabulous little vintage number, I think or was it black or blue...remember I was on my 8th or 9th drink and I had lost a contact in the men's room (I never knew how friendly those Williamsburg boys could be!). One thing I do know for certain, I don't have to worry about this girl as far as style is concerned. She is Hot.

Anyway, Nellie performed beautifully, just letter perfect. She did seem a bit tired half way through her set, mentioning that she was off her Meds and could not look anyone straight in the eye (I'm the same way when I'm off my sake). I don't know what came over me but I yelled out "Nellie, MargOH! is here". She paused and smiled, looking absolutely thrilled and remarked how lovely it was to hear my voice. She asked me what I would like to hear her perform. Naturally I said "Really" because this is my absolute favorite song off of her 2 disc debut " Get Away From Me", brimming with many sparkling gems.

I could easily see one of the greats, Judy, Peggy, Billie, covering this song if they were still around. She is such a lovely and gifted performer, I just think she is the best around these days.

After the show I spent some quality time with Nellie. We've made plans to do some vintage clothes shopping when her touring schedule and my show taping and PR tornado quiets down. Don't be surprised if you turn around in the City Opera Thrift Shop and see yours truly standing right behind you!

It's nice to see such a young girl being so gracious and kind with a great flair and sense of Style. Kids do yourselves a favor and Run out and buy her CD. You won't regret it.



Monday, September 20, 2004

Fashion Week

Hi Kids,

I attended Fashion Week and all I have to say is:


At least Narciso served Sake



Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Went to Visit Berna's people

Hi Kids,

This past weekend Berna and I packed up our corsets, thongs and Kim Fung (my darling little pooch) and went to visit Berna's hometown, Providence, Rhode Island.

Usually we stay with her twin sister Rodnella Davis. Truthfully I have always been a little suspicious that Rodnella is really not her twin sister. The difference in hair texture, Berna is a brunette while Rodnella is a Red head...oh yeah and Rodnella is about 4 inches taller than Berna. But whatever...

Anyway we arrived and Rodnella had made a Pork Roast in the crock-pot and we ate our little hearts out. After eating I had such pain I had to take 2 dolls and a glass of champers to relax, thankfully it worked. I must go to the doc's office to find out what's going on. It wasn't a pretty sight for such a glamorous lady as I.

It was a lovely weekend other than the fact that Berna is off of her mood meds and is always as cranky as a lobster in a trap. (I must remember to slip a happy doll into her Boston crème donut tomorrow)

We rode around shopping for lovely ladies things. I bought a new pair of pants and fab poncho to wear on an upcoming episode of the show.

Berna, Rodnella and I also went out dancing to a club called "Dark Lady" (although I would have preferred it was much darker than it was!). It was pleasant but they put on a transvestite show that was a real drag. I gotta do some more live stuff, I'm gettin itchy to let my juices flow live and in person.

Speaking of my hit show, I have been on hiatus and gearing up for some new episodes. It will be just grand! The creative juices are flowing in some really strange places. Actually I may have to go back to Dr. Beefachaki for a tune up. Although I have not had any Gin since my Sake withdrawal program I have dabbled in Vodka, Rum, Scotch, whiskey, wine, beer, Nyquil and witch hazel.

Uh Oh!, I gotta run, that Pork Roast is still running through me...

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Off to the Open

Hi Kids,

Last night I went to the US Open to enjoy some great tennis. You don't know this but I adore to play tennis and have been playing for years. I just love the feeling of that fuzzy ball cupped in my hand while I grab hold of my stick, I mean raquet.

I love traveling on the 7 train and would never take a car service even though yesterday I should have because I was forced to go with Pixie Plains and one of her friends Carlo. Carlo is the personal assistant to one of the up and comers Feliciano Lopez. He got courtside tickets for the hot match between Serena and Jennifer, no need for last names. It was exciting we were right next to the Williams box so I was able to see Naomi campbell. Pixie was up to her antics drinking way to much and yelling out sexual things to both players. Carlo and I moved up a few rows to get away but we were kicked out of our seats by Bill Murray. he acted like he did not know me and I was insulted because I was an exta in caddyshack, I played caddy # 6. Anyway the match was very good and little Jen, Jen held her own and pulled it out even though there was a questionable call or should I say calls. That should not take away the fact that they both played their hearts out and the best woman of the day won. Thank god too because i had a shitload of money riding on Jen's ass. I better call my bookie Roofie and get my cash...

Well kids it's off to fashion week so I will be very busy and i will recap everything for you in a few days. I know you can't wait.

I'm gearing up for my next season of shows so look out soon.

Ciao, MargOH!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Keep George out of My Bush

Hey Kids,

After my last post you know I can't tell any tails about the secret meetings but I will say this, Bab's breasts are really lookin good, she was wearing a bustier made of Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers and shades made of recycled Heinz Ketchup bottles, very trendy.

Well, I did go to many of the protests and they were very inspiring and my favorite sign was one that was a picture of Barbara Bush that read "Barbara what nice Boobs you have" with the faces of evil George I and evildoer George II in the place her breasts should have been. The thing I love about protest is that the most creative people come out and make for a true democratic rant.

Now, I rarely watch television but I did catch a show this holiday weekend that I have to say is quite entertaining. It is the Surreal life and it has two of my best buds in it this season, Charo and Gitte Nielson, I love them, Charo is so coochie, coochie and Gitte well is just plain stinking rich and a dear friend. She is the only woman who can drink me under the table and she has. Gitte and I go way back, she performed at my cabaret in Bangkok and we even did a duet of "Sisters" . It was nice to see her looking so lovely but I do have to talk to her about her posture, she has a bit of a hunch and thats not good for women of our age, mmmm, Hope she can correct that and i can't wait to see what happens next on that show.

Oh, I've lost my way. I am suppose to be talking about bush. Oh, well it must be the sake kicking in. I think I am going to shave my Bush because it's been there too long and it's getting bothersome. Yes, the sake is kicking in, ouch I cut myself, Berna call the 911....