Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Off to the Open

Hi Kids,

Last night I went to the US Open to enjoy some great tennis. You don't know this but I adore to play tennis and have been playing for years. I just love the feeling of that fuzzy ball cupped in my hand while I grab hold of my stick, I mean raquet.

I love traveling on the 7 train and would never take a car service even though yesterday I should have because I was forced to go with Pixie Plains and one of her friends Carlo. Carlo is the personal assistant to one of the up and comers Feliciano Lopez. He got courtside tickets for the hot match between Serena and Jennifer, no need for last names. It was exciting we were right next to the Williams box so I was able to see Naomi campbell. Pixie was up to her antics drinking way to much and yelling out sexual things to both players. Carlo and I moved up a few rows to get away but we were kicked out of our seats by Bill Murray. he acted like he did not know me and I was insulted because I was an exta in caddyshack, I played caddy # 6. Anyway the match was very good and little Jen, Jen held her own and pulled it out even though there was a questionable call or should I say calls. That should not take away the fact that they both played their hearts out and the best woman of the day won. Thank god too because i had a shitload of money riding on Jen's ass. I better call my bookie Roofie and get my cash...

Well kids it's off to fashion week so I will be very busy and i will recap everything for you in a few days. I know you can't wait.

I'm gearing up for my next season of shows so look out soon.

Ciao, MargOH!

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