Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Keep George out of My Bush

Hey Kids,

After my last post you know I can't tell any tails about the secret meetings but I will say this, Bab's breasts are really lookin good, she was wearing a bustier made of Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers and shades made of recycled Heinz Ketchup bottles, very trendy.

Well, I did go to many of the protests and they were very inspiring and my favorite sign was one that was a picture of Barbara Bush that read "Barbara what nice Boobs you have" with the faces of evil George I and evildoer George II in the place her breasts should have been. The thing I love about protest is that the most creative people come out and make for a true democratic rant.

Now, I rarely watch television but I did catch a show this holiday weekend that I have to say is quite entertaining. It is the Surreal life and it has two of my best buds in it this season, Charo and Gitte Nielson, I love them, Charo is so coochie, coochie and Gitte well is just plain stinking rich and a dear friend. She is the only woman who can drink me under the table and she has. Gitte and I go way back, she performed at my cabaret in Bangkok and we even did a duet of "Sisters" . It was nice to see her looking so lovely but I do have to talk to her about her posture, she has a bit of a hunch and thats not good for women of our age, mmmm, Hope she can correct that and i can't wait to see what happens next on that show.

Oh, I've lost my way. I am suppose to be talking about bush. Oh, well it must be the sake kicking in. I think I am going to shave my Bush because it's been there too long and it's getting bothersome. Yes, the sake is kicking in, ouch I cut myself, Berna call the 911....

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