Thursday, September 23, 2004

A Night with Nellie McKay

Hey Kids,

I have been just a busy little beaver tracking down guests and writing new shows for the upcoming season. Honestly it has completely worn me out! Especially since Berna has been no help whatsoever, lolling about the house all day, reading Teen People and eating platters of smoked kipper.

Despite this hectic pace I simply had to make time to see my darling friend, singer/songwriter Nellie McKay. She played at the Laila Lounge as part of The Williamsburg Jazz Festival, a week ago Friday. I knew I wouldn't be able to make her performance at the Great Wall of China because of my harrowing schedule, so I cleaned my calendar for the night and made plans to see Nellie's show.

Berna and I hopped on the L train to have a drink at my shot girl GG's place beforehand. As these things sometimes go, one drink turned into way too many Lychee martinis. At least the mood was festive which kept GG and Berna under control. I was so afraid that they would get into a brawl. I couldn't have that happen in Williamsburg! What would my favorite little hispters think of me if THAT happened??!!!

Anyway, we staggered down the street to try and get a good seat but the lounge mainly was standing room only. I had to lean on Berna for my heels were killing me! I have to start wearing flats. Ouch, ouch, ouch. GG got us a couple of vodka and tonics. Still off the gin! Yeah!

When Nellie came in she was struggling with a large book of sheet music. I think she needs a Berna, someone to carry things for her and what not. That shows me that she is the real deal and she likes to brave these things on her own. Then again if she had someone like Berna she would probably end up doing it on her own anyway!

Nellie had her hair in a fabulous French twist and her eyeliner was at such a perfect angle that it even gave her hair more height. Her outfit was just this fabulous little vintage number, I think or was it black or blue...remember I was on my 8th or 9th drink and I had lost a contact in the men's room (I never knew how friendly those Williamsburg boys could be!). One thing I do know for certain, I don't have to worry about this girl as far as style is concerned. She is Hot.

Anyway, Nellie performed beautifully, just letter perfect. She did seem a bit tired half way through her set, mentioning that she was off her Meds and could not look anyone straight in the eye (I'm the same way when I'm off my sake). I don't know what came over me but I yelled out "Nellie, MargOH! is here". She paused and smiled, looking absolutely thrilled and remarked how lovely it was to hear my voice. She asked me what I would like to hear her perform. Naturally I said "Really" because this is my absolute favorite song off of her 2 disc debut " Get Away From Me", brimming with many sparkling gems.

I could easily see one of the greats, Judy, Peggy, Billie, covering this song if they were still around. She is such a lovely and gifted performer, I just think she is the best around these days.

After the show I spent some quality time with Nellie. We've made plans to do some vintage clothes shopping when her touring schedule and my show taping and PR tornado quiets down. Don't be surprised if you turn around in the City Opera Thrift Shop and see yours truly standing right behind you!

It's nice to see such a young girl being so gracious and kind with a great flair and sense of Style. Kids do yourselves a favor and Run out and buy her CD. You won't regret it.



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