Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Went to Visit Berna's people

Hi Kids,

This past weekend Berna and I packed up our corsets, thongs and Kim Fung (my darling little pooch) and went to visit Berna's hometown, Providence, Rhode Island.

Usually we stay with her twin sister Rodnella Davis. Truthfully I have always been a little suspicious that Rodnella is really not her twin sister. The difference in hair texture, Berna is a brunette while Rodnella is a Red head...oh yeah and Rodnella is about 4 inches taller than Berna. But whatever...

Anyway we arrived and Rodnella had made a Pork Roast in the crock-pot and we ate our little hearts out. After eating I had such pain I had to take 2 dolls and a glass of champers to relax, thankfully it worked. I must go to the doc's office to find out what's going on. It wasn't a pretty sight for such a glamorous lady as I.

It was a lovely weekend other than the fact that Berna is off of her mood meds and is always as cranky as a lobster in a trap. (I must remember to slip a happy doll into her Boston crème donut tomorrow)

We rode around shopping for lovely ladies things. I bought a new pair of pants and fab poncho to wear on an upcoming episode of the show.

Berna, Rodnella and I also went out dancing to a club called "Dark Lady" (although I would have preferred it was much darker than it was!). It was pleasant but they put on a transvestite show that was a real drag. I gotta do some more live stuff, I'm gettin itchy to let my juices flow live and in person.

Speaking of my hit show, I have been on hiatus and gearing up for some new episodes. It will be just grand! The creative juices are flowing in some really strange places. Actually I may have to go back to Dr. Beefachaki for a tune up. Although I have not had any Gin since my Sake withdrawal program I have dabbled in Vodka, Rum, Scotch, whiskey, wine, beer, Nyquil and witch hazel.

Uh Oh!, I gotta run, that Pork Roast is still running through me...

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