Monday, August 20, 2012

MargOH!'s playing 42nd Street

Hey kids, You all know I've been working my buns off over the past few years..well 40 years but who is counting... Kids, I'm so proud of the work I've done to evolve as an artist and entertainer. Over the years I've had many ups and downs...drank many gin and tonics, vodka and tonics, rum and tonics, whiskey and tonics....and so on..and so on... I'd set so many goals for myself that sometimes it never seemed i'd get any of them accomplished. Slowly I gathered so many great people to help me along the journey of living out my dreams and to these people i am so grateful...MAN-ee, Jarad, Thom, Crystal, Mike D. Darryl, Nellie, Nicole, GG, Dulce... Too many to name... In the past few years I've checked off so many goals...being a songwriter, performing at Dixon Place and being part of a Festival (HOT)...Being recognized as a singer in my own right, broadening my audience. These are all milestones for me but most of all what i've gained in the past few years is confidence. I think this was the hardest goal to achieve. I am no longer afraid to fail, this is confidence. I am no longer worried that no one will understand what I'm trying to say through my work. It's been a long road and I really have done things the way i'm comfortable may not have been the easy way but it's what I chose and am proud that I never have had to change my vision to be recognized as a perfomer. In 2007 I started my original show "what makes a legend drink more?" which has evolved into the fabulous show "Tipsy". It's funny that we'll be returning to 42nd street where it all began. when we performed at the Beechman back then we had nothing but ambition, they were tough shows...i won't go into details but they were tough...OH! BOY... This time around things are going to be different. I'm returning to this venue confident and ready to go. I got my dirty martini and damn good show and a fabulous team of people around me.... I'm so very proud of everything I've accomplished and so grateful to those who are involved... In my wildest dreams I never thought I could get this far but now I know I deserve to be here...I worked for it kids...well i mean there have been a few casting couches along the way but...I mean really... Come to Tipsy!!
Kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Skanks in Pearls gets great review

Hey Kids, MargOH! and MAN-ee got a fabulous write up in Edge NY It was a great show and we are going to look into a new venue to do this show monthly. WE love working with other artists and givin up the skank... Love all you Skanks in Pearls... MargOH!