Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MargOH!'s Lovers

Hey Kids,

Many people have asked me about my trysts. I've never been one to kiss and tell but what the hell and these are just a few and yes i tend to like short men.... Now one of these people I only spooned with, no sex. Can you guess which one?

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Blog in the works

Hey Kids,

I'm constructing a new blog that I hope will become interactive and fun for all. It is a Pop Culture blog and I will be searching and spanning the globe to find all thing's celebrity to talk about. There will be fun things like "I could have done that" and the "Sleaze-O-Meter". I've also got a co-host that really doesn't say much but his name is "Duckworth" and people who choose to get involved and chat with MargoH! will become ducklings....

It's all new and in the works so stay tuned. I've put the link in my "Martini Club" section.

Check it out Kids!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Raining Men-Tal

Hey kids,

Whenever it seems like things are going well, lots of work lined up, writing new shows, traveling to foreign lands...I always have something screwing all the fun up and yes it is usually Berna but this time it is my Aunt Fawn. She's driving me crazy. It was bad enough my mother was here for 4 days. She drank everything in the house including all of my Ny-quil...thankfully she eats very light though the smell of canned salmon was making me gag, that's all she eats , canned salmon on crackers and sometimes with Velveeta piled on...

Anyway, Aunt Fawn has come up with the idea of making a comeback in competitive skating, she's 73 but claims she can still do her famed double toe wally. She told me that she was going to contact Carlo Fassi for coaching but I reminded her that she'll have a hard time getting in touch because he died in 1997. In a beat she said "screw him, I'll get John Nicks then". She called him but he hasn't replied yet...mmmmm.

She swears that if she trains she'll be able to do triples in no time and compete at nationals next year. In the meantime she dragged out my sewing machine, blew the dust off, asked me for 20 bucks for materials for a new skating outfit. Now there is cut up spandex and feather's everywhere and she has broken 2 lamps doing the choreography for her routine to "Fire Bird".

I gotta get her outta of my place...She also asked me for 75 bucks to get started on Jenny Craig so she can get down to training weight.....I told her to get a damn job then handed her some lemons, maple syrup and Cayenne pepper and said do the lemonade's faster..

Kids, I'm scared

Kisses, MargOH!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Off to Spain

Hey Kids,

Well not right away but I got my dates for filming one of my upcoming roles. It will be shot in Bilbao, Spain but I think I'll get a place in Barcelona and hang out for a while and hit Valencia and some other Spanish hot spots.

MAN-ee, myself and Berna will be leaving in late August and will be in Spain for a month. My role is that of an elderly factory worker that helps the lead find a clue to the mystery of the story..

I actually have dialogue and it's in Spanish....I don't speak a word of Spanish but on my Resume it says I'm fluent. Not to worry I'm having my old pal Maria Conchita Alonso come over and help me learn my lines....I'm making my special sangria just for the occasion. I also plan on making lots of it on the set as well.. to make sure everyone is drunk enough that my Spanish sounds fabulous.

I'll keep you updated and more details on the film as I get them. I will be filming another movie shot here in New York. It's with Colin Farrell, MAN-ee is begging me to bring him to the set so he can meet him, yeah, right meet him, he wants to service his ugly needs..I'm sure. I wouldn't mind getting a gander at the massive manmeat he has, that could be fun. I'll have to ask if the costumer needs any help sewing like i did on the Sex and the city set...maybe an inseam measurement for little Colin...LOL

Kisses, MargOH!

Friday, January 18, 2008

MargOH! on The Music Slut

Hey Kids,

One of my readers alerted me to the fact that the video of Nellie and myself doing "Zombie" was listed on a fun little blog called The Music Slut. I love Music and I always admire a slut so how fun is that...

Check it out and cheers to The Music Slut for posting it!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caught by Paparazzi

Hey Kids,

I am absolutely furious that without my knowledge a photo was snapped of me coming in through the stage door during my last show. It was sent to me by a fan who was shocked that I had no hair.

Just to clarify, I do have hair but unfortunately due to my genetic make-up(my damn mother Sully) my hair is very thin so I prefer to wear a GI Jane for my down time and wear wigs for the daily grind and performing.

I've decided to share the picture knowing it will get out eventually. I am not ashamed of my bald head, I think it's sexy...thank goodness it's in black and white.

Kisses, M

Friday, January 11, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

Hey Kids,

The year has started off very interesting not to keep writing in this damn blog. My agent shecky has landed me 6 features that all shoot in February and march and beyond. I'm very excited because one is with my pal Gael Garcia Bernal and this will be the first time ever being in a foreign film, well besides a few that I won't mention that I produced in Bangkok. Dearest Gael and I kept in touch after our chance meeting at a fundraiser, he's so sweet and he made sure to get me a small part he thought I'd be perfect for, yikes...I'm very nervous.

Anyway, the other big news is that the other night my doorbell chimed and it was my mother Sully and my Aunt(my father's sister) Fawn "Fire blade" Tastic Channing. Of course they both showed up unannounced and I hadn't seen Aunt Fawn in years and I couldn't believe how she let herself go... You see my Aunt fawn was a competitive figure skater and quite well known in her day for her lightning speed and jumping prowess.. Fawn said she had changed her skating name to Fawn Tastic because Dick Button told her she had a fawntastic double toe wally but he denies it. Those days are long over especially after her failed attempt in the 70's to compete with the Ice capades in a review called "The Ice Capettes" where she used little people who had never skated before, kind of like a circus on ice..., it was a disaster.

It took the poor thing years to get over that but then opened an Ice fishing/Figure skating camp in Beaver Brook Wisconsin for wayward and pregnant teen girls. I never really understood the concept until I realized the parents of the pregnant girls were paying extra to make sure they were being made to try and do double toe Wally's and left unpregnant....The business recently went Belly up because the ice is too thin to fish on due to Global warming and with all the evangelical Christians taking over, the damn teens are opting to have the babies. She's flat broke!

I noticed she had a ton of bags with her and Sully told me there was no room for her at "The Fishmonger's retirement home" at least for 6 months s Sully said "She's staying with you". Well as Nan on The Catherine Tate show says "What a fucking liberty". It's times like these that make me wonder why I was cursed with such a crazy family then I realize everyone has a crazy family. Amongst many of Fawn's things she had some lovely photo's of herself when she was in shape...I'll have MAN-ee snap some pictures of her soon so you can see what she looks like's tragic.

I'll have to continue this post in a second part because Fawn is a handful and just started using my darling Kim Fungs water bowl as an ashtray...good lord. I better have MAN-ee order us a case of champers cause it's gonna be rough, Sully already drank my bottle of Stoli and all of my olives..

Kisses, MargOH!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hannah Montana confronts MargOH!

Hey Kids,

You know I posted my "Most Annoying Teen and Young Adults" list of 2007 and Miley Cyrus went apeshit when she stumbled across it on the net. Well come to find out it was Vicki Lawrence who saw it and told her about it. Vicki is playing a role on the show right now.

You see Vicki and I had a bit of a run in when I was playing an extra role on "The Carol Burnett show" back in the day. She walked in on me giving an oral exercise to Lyle Wagner , I know, I know but I was trying to get a-head.... Well Vicki was also banging him at the time but I didn't know so she went and told Carol who immediatly ended my contract.

Anyway Miley was very upset at what I wrote and called my agent Shecky to get my personal line. He called me and I told him to tell her to bring it on bitch and give her my number. A couple days went by and nothing but then on the 3rd day Miley called and gave me the what for but not in a mean way, she was more like I can't deal with people who do not like me and asked how she could change my mind. I of course was ready for a battle but instead I saw an opening to create change just like all the presidential candidates. I had to think quick and of course asked if I could replace Vicki as MeMaw on the show, my second demand was that she take more voice lessons and three was to have her father never sing "Achy, breaky heart" again. She seemed stunned on the phone and was tripping over her words and started to cry. I couldn't believe it, but then i remembered she's just a teen though she has the career of an adult. I quickly yelled, stop that crying Miley and deal with it. You gotta get a thick skin in this business and not everyone is going to like you and if you can't handle it start drinking Champagne! She hung up on me!!

i didn't hear back until a week later and it was Miley's manager telling me she couldn't end Vicki's contract but they were going to offer me a recurring role next season, she enrolled in voice lessons and her father said he would only sing the dance/hip hop version of that crap song...

I thought about it for a minute and said yes.....

Listen kids, I know what you're thinking but I'm no dummy... a role on Hannah Montana...even Dolly's doing it...I can't pass that up.

So as part of my agreement I am saying in print as long as Miley lives up to her promises I am no longer annoyed by her.

Go Miley!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

PS- I'll wait to see what the role is to see if she'll go back on the list next year. What people will do to be liked amazes me.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Let Tonya Harding Skate

Hey kids,

obviously I have hopped the fence and am still entering into the blog. It's just that things come up and I want to express my views...

Now some of you know that if I weren't acting, singing and doing my shows I'd be figure skating. It is a passion I have though I am not very good at it...I tried taking lessons from Brian Boitano but I kept grabbing his ass instead and I am dear friends to Dickie Button and Peggy Fleming...anyway there is nothing like doing a spiral or a lay back spin..especially when you've had three dirty martini's. I usually go to Molly's pub for a few and then hit central park for a twirl on the lay back is not as good but I can still do a fabulous spiral, everyone stops and stares as i glide across the ice, my only problem is I am fine getting going but many times I can't stop so there are usually a few people that I bring down with me when I try and stop but screw them they shouldn't be staring..

Usually around this time I look up my girl Tonya Harding to see what she's up too and I found this article. Poor dear is selling her soul for $5 or $10 a pop. It's a bit sad when that big toothed menace Nancy kerrigan is raking in the bucks for really being a mediocre skater. Tonya in my book was the most fabulous jumper the sport had seen. She was fantastic and probably still is..

If any of you have watched skating lately it is not very that Sasha Cohen has moved on, it's a big bore, so I think the USFSA should lift the ban on Tonya and let her skate. If they did I am sure she would attempt a comeback and how exciting that would be..She'd probably smoke a few cigarettes and down a few beers before going on and nail it.

That's why I like her!!!

Join the movement with MargOH!


kisses, MargOH!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Drag Queen Performance vs. "Men Acting in Dresses"

Hey Kids,

I recently was sent a press release by someone I will not name but the tone of this release is very negative to me.

It was sent by someone who wanted to make it very clear that they or their show is not a Drag act or campy even though this performer impersonates a woman and is a man.

I'm f_______ sick of people who feel they need to condemn an artform (Drag Performance) that has been around for hundreds of years and has survived because it is a bona fide and genuine craft that allows people gay and straight to express themselves.

The wiki definition of a Drag queen and Drag King is:

A Drag queen is usually a man who dresses (or "drags") in female clothes and make-up for special occasions and usually because they are performing or entertaining as a hostess, stage artist or at an event.

Drag kings are mostly female-bodied or -identified performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify male gender stereotypes as part of their performance.

I just do not understand why it is so important for an artist who has gained some success and credibility to separate themselves from ........... What? I ask. What is there to gain by putting this in print? Can someone please tell me?

kids, I started out performing 1. because I started to drag on halloween and I loved the attention and loved testing what I could get away with...I stepped out of myself and it was fun

2. I had a huge love and admiration for the music of Judy garland, so i thought ,I do drag, i can look like her and i can't sing so I got all my gear together and damn it I did Judy and yes I Lip Synched.(another dirty word for men in dresses who perform or sing) My whole life changed for the better through my performing Judy and later Liza and it was no longer for attention but every new stage became another challenge to where I am now.

Like Hedda Lettuce sings Can't sing, can't dance but she's famous...

To where I am now, I am writing my own material, singing my own songs and reflecting every step of the way on how greatful I am to have been able to express myself through drag.

So to all of you "Men Acting in a dress" that feel the need to seperate yourselves and bring other people or an established artform down go F___

To all the Drag Queens I've loved , learned from or admired before and here's a short List(I'm sure I'll miss a few and in no particular order). Thank you

Dame Edna
The Cockette's
Linda Simpson
Candy kane
Lady Bunny
Charles Busch
Harvey Fierstein
Hedda Lettuce
Varla Jean Merman
Barbara Farrell ( Fabulous Drag Queen, Specialized in 80's dance music)
Laquita Peron (Did a hell of a Country girl at the hoedown)
Candy Wills Dubarry (Just plain Chic)
Misty Ross(Does the best damn Jennifer Holiday ever)
Star Marquette ( the bad girl at the ball, goth drag, fabulous)
LaDiva Jones ( High energy, great dancer and thin)
BB Hayes(best boobs in the business, gentle elegance)
Jackie Collins (Great voice, Diana Ross, Whitney)
Kitty Litter(Very funny, great comic timing)
Penny Arcade(A drag queen at heart)
la John Joseph(inspiring artist, love in his heart and it shows)

To all of you "Men Acting in Dresses" I love to tell you that whatever you are doing Lip Syncing, singing, acting, dancing, writing or whatever fame and recognition you attain and as long as you are wearing a dress you are and always will be a "Drag Queen".

I' m MargOH! Channing and Approve this message

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

On the Fence

Hey Kids,

Happy New year to you all!!!!

Guess what, I've only been annoyed by 1 or 2 things so it is a great start to the new year....Oh, crap I just realized it is only January 2nd, break out the's gonna be a rough 2008....;)

Yes, Kids I'm on the fence about continuing my blog. 2007 was a busy year and 2008 will be even busier. I am planning to take my show abroad for the first time and maybe even a few different cities in the US like Philadelphia, Chicago and San Diego. It is sure to be a fun filled year and I'm just thrilled.

I am afraid my blog will suffer and you know how I like to tell you all of my crazy stories but I'm not sure if I'll have the time to put into it.

It's been wonderful writing this blog and I have met so many wonderful and kind people that stumbled across MargOH!. It's been a thrill to know so many people would support an old gal like me and be entertained by my life.

I'm going to step away for a week or two and think about what to do. I was thinking of shutting this one down and starting a new one dedicated to my memoirs. That way MAN-ee or Berna can post that for me. Berna had an idea of starting a blog dedicated to "Fat Girls"..kind of something revolutionary but again that would take time so I'm not sure!!!

It's like I used to say on my TV show "Maybe I'll be back, and if I am one thing's for certain there will be cocktails.

I'll Keep you posted and I love ya all!!

Kisses, MargOH!