Saturday, January 05, 2008

Drag Queen Performance vs. "Men Acting in Dresses"

Hey Kids,

I recently was sent a press release by someone I will not name but the tone of this release is very negative to me.

It was sent by someone who wanted to make it very clear that they or their show is not a Drag act or campy even though this performer impersonates a woman and is a man.

I'm f_______ sick of people who feel they need to condemn an artform (Drag Performance) that has been around for hundreds of years and has survived because it is a bona fide and genuine craft that allows people gay and straight to express themselves.

The wiki definition of a Drag queen and Drag King is:

A Drag queen is usually a man who dresses (or "drags") in female clothes and make-up for special occasions and usually because they are performing or entertaining as a hostess, stage artist or at an event.

Drag kings are mostly female-bodied or -identified performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify male gender stereotypes as part of their performance.

I just do not understand why it is so important for an artist who has gained some success and credibility to separate themselves from ........... What? I ask. What is there to gain by putting this in print? Can someone please tell me?

kids, I started out performing 1. because I started to drag on halloween and I loved the attention and loved testing what I could get away with...I stepped out of myself and it was fun

2. I had a huge love and admiration for the music of Judy garland, so i thought ,I do drag, i can look like her and i can't sing so I got all my gear together and damn it I did Judy and yes I Lip Synched.(another dirty word for men in dresses who perform or sing) My whole life changed for the better through my performing Judy and later Liza and it was no longer for attention but every new stage became another challenge to where I am now.

Like Hedda Lettuce sings Can't sing, can't dance but she's famous...

To where I am now, I am writing my own material, singing my own songs and reflecting every step of the way on how greatful I am to have been able to express myself through drag.

So to all of you "Men Acting in a dress" that feel the need to seperate yourselves and bring other people or an established artform down go F___

To all the Drag Queens I've loved , learned from or admired before and here's a short List(I'm sure I'll miss a few and in no particular order). Thank you

Dame Edna
The Cockette's
Linda Simpson
Candy kane
Lady Bunny
Charles Busch
Harvey Fierstein
Hedda Lettuce
Varla Jean Merman
Barbara Farrell ( Fabulous Drag Queen, Specialized in 80's dance music)
Laquita Peron (Did a hell of a Country girl at the hoedown)
Candy Wills Dubarry (Just plain Chic)
Misty Ross(Does the best damn Jennifer Holiday ever)
Star Marquette ( the bad girl at the ball, goth drag, fabulous)
LaDiva Jones ( High energy, great dancer and thin)
BB Hayes(best boobs in the business, gentle elegance)
Jackie Collins (Great voice, Diana Ross, Whitney)
Kitty Litter(Very funny, great comic timing)
Penny Arcade(A drag queen at heart)
la John Joseph(inspiring artist, love in his heart and it shows)

To all of you "Men Acting in Dresses" I love to tell you that whatever you are doing Lip Syncing, singing, acting, dancing, writing or whatever fame and recognition you attain and as long as you are wearing a dress you are and always will be a "Drag Queen".

I' m MargOH! Channing and Approve this message

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