Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Hannah Montana confronts MargOH!

Hey Kids,

You know I posted my "Most Annoying Teen and Young Adults" list of 2007 and Miley Cyrus went apeshit when she stumbled across it on the net. Well come to find out it was Vicki Lawrence who saw it and told her about it. Vicki is playing a role on the show right now.

You see Vicki and I had a bit of a run in when I was playing an extra role on "The Carol Burnett show" back in the day. She walked in on me giving an oral exercise to Lyle Wagner , I know, I know but I was trying to get a-head.... Well Vicki was also banging him at the time but I didn't know so she went and told Carol who immediatly ended my contract.

Anyway Miley was very upset at what I wrote and called my agent Shecky to get my personal line. He called me and I told him to tell her to bring it on bitch and give her my number. A couple days went by and nothing but then on the 3rd day Miley called and gave me the what for but not in a mean way, she was more like I can't deal with people who do not like me and asked how she could change my mind. I of course was ready for a battle but instead I saw an opening to create change just like all the presidential candidates. I had to think quick and of course asked if I could replace Vicki as MeMaw on the show, my second demand was that she take more voice lessons and three was to have her father never sing "Achy, breaky heart" again. She seemed stunned on the phone and was tripping over her words and started to cry. I couldn't believe it, but then i remembered she's just a teen though she has the career of an adult. I quickly yelled, stop that crying Miley and deal with it. You gotta get a thick skin in this business and not everyone is going to like you and if you can't handle it start drinking Champagne! She hung up on me!!

i didn't hear back until a week later and it was Miley's manager telling me she couldn't end Vicki's contract but they were going to offer me a recurring role next season, she enrolled in voice lessons and her father said he would only sing the dance/hip hop version of that crap song...

I thought about it for a minute and said yes.....

Listen kids, I know what you're thinking but I'm no dummy... a role on Hannah Montana...even Dolly's doing it...I can't pass that up.

So as part of my agreement I am saying in print as long as Miley lives up to her promises I am no longer annoyed by her.

Go Miley!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

PS- I'll wait to see what the role is to see if she'll go back on the list next year. What people will do to be liked amazes me.

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