Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Caught by Paparazzi

Hey Kids,

I am absolutely furious that without my knowledge a photo was snapped of me coming in through the stage door during my last show. It was sent to me by a fan who was shocked that I had no hair.

Just to clarify, I do have hair but unfortunately due to my genetic make-up(my damn mother Sully) my hair is very thin so I prefer to wear a GI Jane for my down time and wear wigs for the daily grind and performing.

I've decided to share the picture knowing it will get out eventually. I am not ashamed of my bald head, I think it's sexy...thank goodness it's in black and white.

Kisses, M


  1. phoebs4:23 PM

    ok, i'm going to be the first one to say it... Britney?!?

  2. Oh I know darling, poor brit, she's had more tragedy than Elizabeth taylor lately..Liz is as bald as an eagle too by the way..We both wear raquel welch wigs...LOL

    kisses, MargOH!