Monday, January 21, 2008

Off to Spain

Hey Kids,

Well not right away but I got my dates for filming one of my upcoming roles. It will be shot in Bilbao, Spain but I think I'll get a place in Barcelona and hang out for a while and hit Valencia and some other Spanish hot spots.

MAN-ee, myself and Berna will be leaving in late August and will be in Spain for a month. My role is that of an elderly factory worker that helps the lead find a clue to the mystery of the story..

I actually have dialogue and it's in Spanish....I don't speak a word of Spanish but on my Resume it says I'm fluent. Not to worry I'm having my old pal Maria Conchita Alonso come over and help me learn my lines....I'm making my special sangria just for the occasion. I also plan on making lots of it on the set as well.. to make sure everyone is drunk enough that my Spanish sounds fabulous.

I'll keep you updated and more details on the film as I get them. I will be filming another movie shot here in New York. It's with Colin Farrell, MAN-ee is begging me to bring him to the set so he can meet him, yeah, right meet him, he wants to service his ugly needs..I'm sure. I wouldn't mind getting a gander at the massive manmeat he has, that could be fun. I'll have to ask if the costumer needs any help sewing like i did on the Sex and the city set...maybe an inseam measurement for little Colin...LOL

Kisses, MargOH!

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