Monday, January 30, 2006

Post, Post, Post?

Hey Kids,

I have been so busy working.....My agent Shecky got me a revolving walk-on for "Days of our Lives". They have a very tight shooting schedule and I have not been able to post. I have so much to tell you about. God, Kristian Alfonso (You know her as Hope) is coming towards me. She's been asking me to pinch her all over to help her Cry for her scenes... gotta go. I'll be back to catch up very soon.

Kisses Kids,


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mama was a Rolling Stone

Hey Kids,

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Rolling Stones Concert.

I went along with my darling friend Fran Drescher. She is such a hoot and can that
girl drink her weight in Liquor, wow.

Fran picked me up at 4:30 and we headed over to Sushi Samba and got a nosh and slammed down about 6 Saki hops. Fran is a doll and remembered that I was both a celiac and off of Gin. she's a gem. She also brought me a Mickey Mouse shirt that she demanded I wear. She opened her coat and let me see she had one on so we matched , how cute.

After Sushi Samba we headed to club Therapy for Happy hour. Fran said she needed a dose of attention from the mid-town gay boy set. Since she has been shooting her sitcom she said she has had very little time to mingle and was hot to trott.

Well the Gay's were all over us like Jake was to Heath in Brokeback Mountain. Fran and I were just having a ball and about 6 Cosmo's to boot.

I was feeling a bit tipsy but Fran was determined to party on so we did.

We hopped in the car and she handed me the backstage/VIP ticket for the show and we ran right in and gave Mick and the boys a great big hug before the show.

I have to say that Mick is so thin when i hugged him I thought he would break. However the vice grip he put on my ass with his hand made believe he was still a young lad.

Mick handed us some Champaigne and we chatted with with all the VIPS including Stockard Channing,Billie Jean King, Bruce Willis, Harvey Fierstein, and the Fugley one herself Chloe Sevigny. You know I have never seen her in person before but now I know what is talking about, Yuk. She smells of B.O. too...

We headed out to our seats and the concert Rocked. Though Mick and the boys are a bit rough around the edges and old as the hills they can still blow any new artists around away.

Fran took a nosedive half way through the show so we had to make a runner for the car. I knew she couldn't handle all of that liquor. I had the driver bring us to her place first and I helped her into her nighty and tucked her in. Fran is a dear but a handful in every sense of the word.

I hope she remembers that she promised me a walk on next season on "Living with Fran" when I was slipping off her panties.

I'll have to follow up with her on that!!!!

Kisses Kids,


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Slimmer and Sexier

Hey Kids,

I am well into my beet diet and Berna has come up with some very interesting treats. Last night I had a Grilled Beet Burger. It is going so well I decided to extend the diet for two more weeks. I've lost 8 pounds already and shooting for 12 this week.

I also love the light purple color gracing my toilet bowl, just lovely.

I do know that I am Slimmer and Sexier.....

Kisses, MargOH!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Miss America.....

Hey Kids,

I can't believe that Miss America was on last night. It came and went with well... nothing. I had offered my consulting services but they just went ahead and did something on their own. Big Mistake!!!

My plan was to have all the girls perform their talent in the nude. I know how to get ratings....

Kisses, MargOH!

I'll be back to update you about my wild night with Mick and the boys known as the Rolling Stones Baby

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do you like Pina Colada's

Hey Kids,

Berna and I just booked a vacation. We are going to Puerto Rico where the weather is hot and so are the men.

We are going to celebrate with one of my cast "GG the Shot girl" from "The MargOH! Channing Show" . She is getting married and we are going to have a wild bachlorette weekend.

We are gonna be like "Girls gone Wild", hitting the strip clubs and sucking down every Frozen Drink we can get our hands on.

We are going to stay at the Hilton Caribe so I went on line to figure out my Spa schedule and found this bit of information. The Pina Colada was first made at this hotel by one of their bartenders. How fab. I can't wait to try the original Pina Colada.

GG get your G-String fastened it's gonna be a wild time.

I have to remember to have Berna shave her back....

Kisses Kids,


Here's the Pina Colada story, gotta Love Joan

Birth Of The Piña Colada

The Birth of the Piña Colada--When actress Joan Crawford tasted the piña colada at what was then the Beachcombers Bar in the Caribe Hilton, Calle Los Rosales (tel. 787/721-0303), she claimed it was "better than slapping Bette Davis in the face."

This famous drink is the creation of bartender Ramon "Monchito" Marrero, now long gone, who was hired by the Hilton in 1954. He spent 3 months mixing, tasting, and discarding hundreds of combinations until he felt he had the right blend. Thus, the frothy piña colada was born. It's been estimated that some 100 million of them have been sipped around the world since that fateful time

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bravo! Shelly Winters

Hey Kids,

I am very sad but also happy to have been a huge fan of Shelly Winters. She sadly passed away at the age of 85.

I played table dangler # 6 and fell to my death in "The Poseidon Adventure" in 1971.

I had a short but memorable conversation with Shelly on the set about how we both wanted to take Gene Hackman for a ride. Shelly was a rowdy gal and had a love for Men and booze. Now that is my type of Lady.

Shelly was also and excellent actress. A true pro with 2 Oscars, One for "The Diary of Anne Frank" and another for "A Patch of Blue". She was also nominated for "A Place in the Sun" and "The Poseidon Adventure". What a career...

I also loved Shelly on "Roseanne". What a treat it was to see her mixing it up with contemporary actors, just fabulous.

Shelly will be missed but never forgotten. She was fabulous

Kids the next time you have a glass of Champaigne lift your glasses and toast to Shelly.

Bravo Shelly!!!

XO, MargOH!

I'm Starving

Hey Kids,

I started my beet diet last night. Berna made me a beet casserole. It was well how should I say a bit soupy. The addition of sake gave it a unique taste and a well needed buzz to choke it down. I know this is the right thing to do especially after watching the Golden Globes. I want to be able to see every bone in my chest just like Felicity and the gals from DH. I am sure their husbands can hang their dry cleaning from their collor bones. Very Sexy.......

Tonight Berna is making beetloaf.....

Kids, I'm Starving

Kisses, MargOH!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Figure Skating Fanatic

Hi Kids,

I'm going to divulge a secret that I have carried with me for many years.

I am a closet Figure Skating fan. I can't help it!

I love all the drama and tight fitting costumes.

I love Dick Button and Peggy Fleming making rude but sincere comments about the skaters.

I love when I am watching Jeopardy and Know a classical music question because I remember that Michele Kwan skated to it.

It's all divine madness too me.....

This is why I decided to share this article with you from the NY times. It is the post press interview with the hot and juicy Johnny Weir. It is packed with reasons why I love the sport.

Anyone who admits that putting on bronzer makes them happy is someone I want to know.

Here's the article

Kisses, MargOH

Weir's Title Fits Like Glove After Short Program

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 12 - During his short program Thursday, Johnny Weir, ever flamboyant and quirky, wore a black-and-white costume that sparkled under the lights, and one red glove symbolizing the beak of a swan.
"His name is Camille - two 'l's," Weir said, pointing to the glove on his hand after his skate. "I think he's my evil side. When I skate poorly, I blame it on my glove."
But at the United States Figure Skating Championships, where the Olympic team will be chosen, Weir did not need to blame Camille. He skated beautifully to music titled "The Swan," carefully positioning that gloved hand while he glided across the ice, turning himself into a graceful bird for nearly three minutes.
For that effort, he finished first with a score of 83.28, his personal best. The two-time Olympian Michael Weiss (77.55) was second, and Evan Lysacek (74.03), who finished third at last year's world championships, was third.
A few hours later, the women took the ice for their short programs, with Sasha Cohen finishing in first, as expected. In a teal outfit, much less flashy than Weir's swan ensemble, she scored 65.15. Emily Hughes, sister of the 2002 gold medalist Sarah Hughes, was second with 59.11, and Beatrisa Liang (58.82) was third.
"This isn't half as good as I have been in practice," said a confident Cohen, still recovering from the flu.
If Cohen, 21, skates well again on Saturday, she will win her first national championship, after repeatedly finishing second. Four times, she won silver to Michelle Kwan's gold.
Kwan, a nine-time national champion, missed this event because of a pulled groin muscle. She has asked for a medical bye onto the Olympic team, and will learn her fate when a committee from United States Figure Skating meets Saturday to pick the three skaters who will go to Turin, Italy. The winner at nationals is guaranteed a spot.
The same selection process will be used for the men's team. That makes Weir nervous.
He said he woke up Thursday morning and did not want to get out of bed because the pressure to win his third consecutive national championship was so stifling.
"Figure skating is an amazing ride," said Weir, 21. "It takes you from feeling like the lowest scum in the pond, like two hours ago, and now I feel like a flower growing out of the pond."
Still, Weir was able to compose himself, helped by a cup of coffee and a few other confidence boosters. "I put on my self-tanner and I went from there," he said.
In his program, he cleanly landed four triple jumps, but his artistry was what mesmerized the crowd at the Savvis Center. When he was done, the spectators gave him a standing ovation. He had done what he had come to do: lull the crowd with the soft music and his flowing moves.
"For this one, they kind of sat back and had their cognac and their cigarettes and they were relaxing and watching," he said, then compared his music to that of another skater, who chose faster paced choreography.
"His was like a vodka-shot-and-a-snort-of-coke kind of thing," Weir said. "Uh, sorry for all those drug references."
Weir's performance overshadowed the other top skaters, including Timothy Goebel, who won bronze at the 2002 Olympics but is in fifth after a shaky short program. He did land a quad jump, though he touched the ice to balance himself.
Weiss, 29, was another of few skaters who attempted a quadruple jump. He landed it, though not cleanly.
And Lysacek, one of the favorites to make the Olympic team, was disappointed after falling during a straight-line step sequence and then stumbling doing a triple axel. "That's the first element I have missed all season in the short program," Lysacek said of his fall. "Obviously, a very uncharacteristic mistake."
On Saturday, mistakes might destroy a skater's chances to make the Olympic team. On the men's side, Weir's healthy lead gives him an advantage because everyone else will be trying to climb to reach him.
For the free skate, Weir has not said what kind of costume he will wear, but his coach, Priscilla Hill, said it would be memorable, like many of his others.
And just like his performances earlier this season, which have not all been smooth, he manages to eventually make things work, she said. Sometimes that even amazes Weir.
"I'm very, very elated that I came out and skated well," Weir said after his short program, smiling. "It was lovely, really."

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wild AVN Weekend

Hey Kids,

After I dusted myself off from my New Years fun I hopped a flight to Vegas to meet my sister Rita.

Rita as you know also has had a huge career in films. The films however are of the adult nature, well you know PORN. She is great at it and deserves to be recognized for her efforts. She has long been overshadowed by Linda Lovelace and Amber Lynn, etc. but Rita was a pioneer in the business and is finally getting some credit for it. She was honored by the AVN this year for her longevity and dedication to porn( I guess the equivelent of what the oscars give ie. lifetime achievement without the blow jobs...).

It was a lovely evening and Rita was thrilled. They did a video montage of her career including the double fuck she did with John Holmes and a young Ron Jeremy in Muff Divers 3. It was a classic moment and amazing that she was able to handle those two at once, she got a standing ovation, Bravo Rita!!. It also brought tears of Joy to her eyes and she gladly accepted the award and thanked everyone. She said she owed everything she had to porn and vowed that if anyone was interested she was going to try and break the record for fucking in her hotel room later in the evening. I quickly ran to the front desk and asked for another room seeing is we were sharing a full size bed, yikes.Unfortunatly Rita being around my age only had a few over 60's try to help her break the record and it only took about 13 minutes, very sad.

All in all it was a great time in vegas and I am glad Rita is getting her due. She was thrilled and that made it worth it. Again she said if it hadn't been for porn she would never have had been able to buy her Trailer in full. MMM isn't that nice.

Kisses Kids,


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm going on a diet

Hey Kids,

I am sick of being an ample woman.

I am thinking of going on the Gin and Beet diet that I did many years back. Though I am off Gin so I guess I have to substitute it with Saki.

This diet works like a charm. The last time I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I will have to have Berna whip up some beet recipes. The lst time I ate strictly pickled beets and I was sweating vinegar. I gotta call Liza about joining her for dance lessons with Luigi.

This time the diet will be more well rounded so I will be damn thin!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

Also, I am working on my blog about the Porn awards I attended with my sister Rita in Vegas. It was a hell of a weekend.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Finally My 5 most Annoying Straight people

Hey Kids,

As Promised and since I slammed some gays I must do my list of the 5 most annoying straight people of 2005.

Now after compiling about 20 candidates and there could have been more it dawned on me that my top 5 were all politicians and they were all assholes

1. George W. Bush for being an asshole
2. Donald Rumsfeld for being and old fart and an asshole
3. VP Dick Cheney for being a lieing , cheating asshole of all assholes
4. Condoleeza Rice for being a puppet of an asshole without a thought of her own
5. Karl Rove for being one of the ugliest assholes I have ever seen

Now This list is a bit troubling and a bit boring but I just couldn't think of 5 worst assholes than these five wack jobs. So the next top 5 is actually 6-10 but has a little more variety.

1. Tom Cruise really has so many issues and one being that he has fallen prey to his own press and actually believes that he is a god of some sorts. His treatment of my good friend Brooke Shields was terrible. When he squirts out a puppy after 9 months then he can tell people what to do but until then just come out of the closet already. He is as gay as a picnic basket....And all of these marriages are just window dressing for his man on man sexual exploits

2. Pat Robertson has to be and always is one of the most annoying people straight or gay in the world. His remarks are made solely to get press and for some reason he gets it. I wish once and for all God would just take him........Or at least turn him into a drunk so then maybe he might make some sense.

3. Ann Coulter is just about as annoying as you can get. She makes me ashamed to be a woman. Her track to fame is one that just baffles me. She actually believes that the McCarthy era never happened and it was all made up...... Need I say more, yuk.

4. Dr. Phil has got to be the most annoying if not boring person on the planet. His show sucks the life out of me. Instead of feeling better after watching his show it made me start drinking earlier in the morning, nothing heavy just some baileys in my coffee. I also love how he is being sued for a weight loss product he slapped his name on that doesn't work. I thought it odd that he was helping people lose weight when he is a fat ass himself. Bite me Dr. Phil

5. The next choice is really for a whole group of straight people the so called "Evangelical Christians". You know the ones who watch mass on TV and say they are "God Warriors". These people have been so annoying this year especially in the way they have rallied against gay's getting married. I don't understand what they are so worried about. I would think they would be worried about why some of their husbands are sleeping with men many, many men.
They also boycott companies that supposedly cater to the gay agenda.... The funny thing is that they are the ones running to buy the "Queer eye for the Straight guy" DVD box set. It was a hot seller at Wal-mart this holiday season. They are the modern version of the KKK without the lovely white coats so please if you run into one of them say "It's 10pm do you know where your children are?" They will look at you bewildered and say well "I know that Jack, Jill and Jane are at a bible retreat, Joebob, Jerry and Justin are mmmm I'm not sure but God give us a break we have six kids and one on the way" "We can't be expected to know where they are all of the time but we do know that they are a blessing from god" very scary......

Kisses Kids,


Friday, January 06, 2006

A Fine Romance (Part 2)

Hey Kids,

I'm back from my New Years Holiday. Wow, was it a good one. I won't even get into Kathy Lee's party or should I say Caligula's den for the over 50 set. I never knew that Kathy Lee ran with such open and scantily clad people. I also was not told that after midnight the party became clothing optional, poor Berna burnt her thigh on the cheese fondue.

The best part of the evening was when one of the waiters Riccardo started paying special attention to me. He was dipping his banana's in the chocolate fondue and coating them with his special blend of nuts. Riccardo fed me many banana's that evening that led to me not feeling very well. I think it was his master plan to get me into the maids quarters so he could have his way with me. Please, he didn't need to go to all of that trouble... Anyhow I went to rest and shortly thereafter Riccardo came to check on me and it was 12:45 so you know what that means.... We were naked. Riccardo stepped to the side of the bed and we both rose to the occasion. I used his massive manmeat to lift myself up to plant a gentle kiss on his gorgeous lips. He then kissed my neck and down to my bosom he went and down further to the button of my belly and then..... Well I think you know what happened next, Riccardo took me and it was a ride worth taking. We made love for 3 days straight, he even caressed my ass and slapped me at one point but I didn't care Riccardo could do whatever he wanted.

After the love we talked for hours then he said he had to go, he had to get ready for school and he explained he already had missed two days. I thought it odd that college break was over so when I questioned him he said "I'm a senior in high school, not college". Damn, that Kathy Lee and her underage help!!! Thank God when I asked his actual age he muttered that he was 18. He thanked me for letting him fuck me and was on his way. I of course ran after him and almost knocked over Frank Gifford eating his cherrios. I told Riccardo that I didn't care about our age difference and told him I wanted to see him again. He turned to me and said in a tender voice "I don't think so Liza". Liza, what the fuck, I'm not Liza I screamed.
"Who in the hell are you then, I thought you were Liza". "I'm the legendary MargOH! Channing", I replied. "Who", he said as he turned away. "Now i can't even sell my story", he said, "Crap" and he ran off down the street.

Now kids don't feel bad for me. I am not one to get upset over these things. Hell, I got banged by an 18 year old and at my age that ain't bad.

The one thing I have learned from this is that I need to change my hair style. I think I may go blonde but then I may end up looking like Suzanne Somers... I guess I just can't win...

Kisses Kids,


Thursday, January 05, 2006

A fine romance

Hey Kids,

Sorry about the slip in posts but I am in Love.... It all happened at Kathy Lee's.
I don't have time to tell the whole story today seeing is I am and have been in bed since January 1st. It's a true May/december Romance and MargOH! has been banging in the New Year. I do have to get it together and go get Berna back from Kathy Lee's and pick up my check for her services. I also have a meeting at Lifetime to pitch a series called "MargOH! Unscensored" to rival that wreck Sue Johanson on Oxygen. So I have to run. I will let you all in on my hot sessions with my new boy toy.

Kisses, MargOH!