Monday, January 09, 2006

Finally My 5 most Annoying Straight people

Hey Kids,

As Promised and since I slammed some gays I must do my list of the 5 most annoying straight people of 2005.

Now after compiling about 20 candidates and there could have been more it dawned on me that my top 5 were all politicians and they were all assholes

1. George W. Bush for being an asshole
2. Donald Rumsfeld for being and old fart and an asshole
3. VP Dick Cheney for being a lieing , cheating asshole of all assholes
4. Condoleeza Rice for being a puppet of an asshole without a thought of her own
5. Karl Rove for being one of the ugliest assholes I have ever seen

Now This list is a bit troubling and a bit boring but I just couldn't think of 5 worst assholes than these five wack jobs. So the next top 5 is actually 6-10 but has a little more variety.

1. Tom Cruise really has so many issues and one being that he has fallen prey to his own press and actually believes that he is a god of some sorts. His treatment of my good friend Brooke Shields was terrible. When he squirts out a puppy after 9 months then he can tell people what to do but until then just come out of the closet already. He is as gay as a picnic basket....And all of these marriages are just window dressing for his man on man sexual exploits

2. Pat Robertson has to be and always is one of the most annoying people straight or gay in the world. His remarks are made solely to get press and for some reason he gets it. I wish once and for all God would just take him........Or at least turn him into a drunk so then maybe he might make some sense.

3. Ann Coulter is just about as annoying as you can get. She makes me ashamed to be a woman. Her track to fame is one that just baffles me. She actually believes that the McCarthy era never happened and it was all made up...... Need I say more, yuk.

4. Dr. Phil has got to be the most annoying if not boring person on the planet. His show sucks the life out of me. Instead of feeling better after watching his show it made me start drinking earlier in the morning, nothing heavy just some baileys in my coffee. I also love how he is being sued for a weight loss product he slapped his name on that doesn't work. I thought it odd that he was helping people lose weight when he is a fat ass himself. Bite me Dr. Phil

5. The next choice is really for a whole group of straight people the so called "Evangelical Christians". You know the ones who watch mass on TV and say they are "God Warriors". These people have been so annoying this year especially in the way they have rallied against gay's getting married. I don't understand what they are so worried about. I would think they would be worried about why some of their husbands are sleeping with men many, many men.
They also boycott companies that supposedly cater to the gay agenda.... The funny thing is that they are the ones running to buy the "Queer eye for the Straight guy" DVD box set. It was a hot seller at Wal-mart this holiday season. They are the modern version of the KKK without the lovely white coats so please if you run into one of them say "It's 10pm do you know where your children are?" They will look at you bewildered and say well "I know that Jack, Jill and Jane are at a bible retreat, Joebob, Jerry and Justin are mmmm I'm not sure but God give us a break we have six kids and one on the way" "We can't be expected to know where they are all of the time but we do know that they are a blessing from god" very scary......

Kisses Kids,


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