Thursday, August 27, 2009

Me and Teddy

Hey Kids,

It's been too long since my last confession and I promise to start the blog up again. I've been so busy with the premieres of "Taking Woodstock" in which I played Hippie Chick # 66. We had such a blast making the movie and what a coincidence that myself and the gang moved to Brooklyn and now live in the same building as Pippa Pearthree who has a role in the film. She is lovely!

Anyway, the reason why I had to blog today was because of the death of Ted Kennedy. He will be missed by his supporters, Washington, family and Haxton's liquor store. I will miss the big bear as well and with fond memories of the night we spent together.

It was 1977 and I was a young girl trying to make it in the biz and I had auditioned for a role in the touring company of "A Chorus Line". They gave me a shot and was sent to Boston to give it a whirl. It was exhilarating, my first show! When I arrived at the theatre and put on my costume it was a bit snug (they thought i was a size 2 but I was actually a size 12). I managed to squeeze into it after throwing up six times and then it was show time! When I got in line, the music swelled and so did my ankle (they thought i was a size 6 shoe but i was a size 13). I think I lied a little during my audition, well I really didn't audition, I slept with one of the producers, a girls gotta do what she's gotta do...

I got out on that stage and starting doing those kicks and hit the floor so hard I knocked myself out. My debut was over faster than the producer who did me in his limo..what a tragedy.

So I left the theatre and did what any gal would drunk! I stopped in a bar called Charlie's and was doing boiler makers when all of a sudden a dozen men in suits all piled in and surrounded me at the bar. Then I heard from behind me a man whisper in my ear, "Hiya toots, can I buy you a drink?"

Well of course I said yes and then I swung around in the stool and before my eyes was one of the biggest faces I'd ever seen! A Kennedy! Ted Kennedy. Listen, the Kennedy's may be American royalty but you have to admit they do bear a slight resemblance to a pack of Clydesdales. But I digress...

Well of course he moved in on me quickly realizing I was a little tipsy and asked what a pretty dame like me was doing all alone. I dusted the beer nut droppings off my lap and they landed on his shoes and I said "Well I'm not here to crack nuts with a Kennedy". I went to grab his balls with my hand but he grabbed my wrist and pushed it away. I must admit his forcefulness made me hot but I kept my cool.

"A firecracker, that's the way i like em".

"Listen, Teddy I'm here to drown my sorrows, not find a man", I replied.

Then one of his suits whispered in his ear and they all chuckled a bit. "You are the gal who hit the floor in Chorus Line" Teddy said.

"My shoes were too small", I said then I looked at my watch and said, "Its only intermission, shouldn't you still be at the show?"

Teddy replied, "We left Joan there, theatre's not my thing. Why'd ya leave? That was the best part of the show!"

"Do you think Joan would approve of you coming on to a gorgeous young girl?", I said batting my eyelashes

"Why? Is there a gorgeous young girl here?" Teddy quipped.

My mouth opened in disbelief and then we both started laughing. "Joan's drunk again." and with a seductive whinny he added "Hey you gorgeous little thing, you wanna come back to my suite?"

My first thought was no thanks Mr. Ed but then i realized I couldn't show my face back at the casts' hotel so I thought, eh, I don't care. What a night! Boy am I glad I decided to ride that Lippizzaner home!

What happened next is between Teddy, myself and Joan, yes Joan. Let me just say this the carpet did not match the drapes in that suite...

Thanks for the memories Teddy!!

XO, MargOH!