Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Moral Dilemma for Bush

Oh, oh, Kids,

A single tear fell into my glass of Sake this morning.

A second tear dropped into my Heinz Ketchup (I use that stuff to dip EVERYTING in!) for the loss of this election to "The Bush".

A third tear dropped into my bag of Lay's, as I wondered if he can live up to the people that said they voted for him because of "Moral Issues".

The last tear dripped into my Nair as I wondered how someone with no compassion, no heart, no consideration and no conscience be held in such esteem by so many people?

Mussolini? Hitler? Ohhhhhhh, right, I almost forgot.

To quote Donna Summer and that ever faithful Dem, La Streisand, no more tears! Its time for action!!!