Friday, October 24, 2008

Just don't know what to do

Hey Kids,

I know I stopped posting on my little blog. Things had gotten so hectic with show's and extra jobs that I lost track of my life..LOL. There is much to tell and I know I Left you all hanging about my Aunt Trudie and of course I didn't get to tell you about Aunt Fawn's little affair with a world class figure skater...

I'm going to re-tool a bit and be back to keep you updated on everything, Oh yes and Berna ,my wardrobe mistress was fired from the letterman show so she's around more...not really sure if I'm liking it..too many people ruffling my feathers.

I do love all of you and feel I owe it to you to keep you in the loop on MargoH!

Kisses, m

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Photo's from Mamma MargOH!'s Burlesque Revue

Hey Kids,

We had another great show and everyone just adored our crazy antics..

Here is a pic of all of the cast including Nellie McKay who did a gorgoeus rendition
of "If I had You" on her Uke.

MAN-ee Champagne was also fabulous with his "Natural Woman" boylesque number.

Fun was had by all , Now I'm working on booking a show in London for January, all of my UK peeps have been so supportive and helpful and encouraging about bring London a little of MargOH! or maybe a lot..very exciting!!

I'm also performing at the "Gay life expo" November 16th, that'll be fun

Kisses, MargOH!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue

Hey Kids,

You can now buy your tickets on line for "Mamma MargOH!'s All Soul Burlesque Revue"

Pre-Sale Tickets are no longer available at discount rate. We'll have a lovely doorman selling tickets at the door tonight!!

See Ya at the party kids