Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mama was a Rolling Stone

Hey Kids,

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Rolling Stones Concert.

I went along with my darling friend Fran Drescher. She is such a hoot and can that
girl drink her weight in Liquor, wow.

Fran picked me up at 4:30 and we headed over to Sushi Samba and got a nosh and slammed down about 6 Saki hops. Fran is a doll and remembered that I was both a celiac and off of Gin. she's a gem. She also brought me a Mickey Mouse shirt that she demanded I wear. She opened her coat and let me see she had one on so we matched , how cute.

After Sushi Samba we headed to club Therapy for Happy hour. Fran said she needed a dose of attention from the mid-town gay boy set. Since she has been shooting her sitcom she said she has had very little time to mingle and was hot to trott.

Well the Gay's were all over us like Jake was to Heath in Brokeback Mountain. Fran and I were just having a ball and about 6 Cosmo's to boot.

I was feeling a bit tipsy but Fran was determined to party on so we did.

We hopped in the car and she handed me the backstage/VIP ticket for the show and we ran right in and gave Mick and the boys a great big hug before the show.

I have to say that Mick is so thin when i hugged him I thought he would break. However the vice grip he put on my ass with his hand made believe he was still a young lad.

Mick handed us some Champaigne and we chatted with with all the VIPS including Stockard Channing,Billie Jean King, Bruce Willis, Harvey Fierstein, and the Fugley one herself Chloe Sevigny. You know I have never seen her in person before but now I know what is talking about, Yuk. She smells of B.O. too...

We headed out to our seats and the concert Rocked. Though Mick and the boys are a bit rough around the edges and old as the hills they can still blow any new artists around away.

Fran took a nosedive half way through the show so we had to make a runner for the car. I knew she couldn't handle all of that liquor. I had the driver bring us to her place first and I helped her into her nighty and tucked her in. Fran is a dear but a handful in every sense of the word.

I hope she remembers that she promised me a walk on next season on "Living with Fran" when I was slipping off her panties.

I'll have to follow up with her on that!!!!

Kisses Kids,


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