Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wild AVN Weekend

Hey Kids,

After I dusted myself off from my New Years fun I hopped a flight to Vegas to meet my sister Rita.

Rita as you know also has had a huge career in films. The films however are of the adult nature, well you know PORN. She is great at it and deserves to be recognized for her efforts. She has long been overshadowed by Linda Lovelace and Amber Lynn, etc. but Rita was a pioneer in the business and is finally getting some credit for it. She was honored by the AVN this year for her longevity and dedication to porn( I guess the equivelent of what the oscars give ie. lifetime achievement without the blow jobs...).

It was a lovely evening and Rita was thrilled. They did a video montage of her career including the double fuck she did with John Holmes and a young Ron Jeremy in Muff Divers 3. It was a classic moment and amazing that she was able to handle those two at once, she got a standing ovation, Bravo Rita!!. It also brought tears of Joy to her eyes and she gladly accepted the award and thanked everyone. She said she owed everything she had to porn and vowed that if anyone was interested she was going to try and break the record for fucking in her hotel room later in the evening. I quickly ran to the front desk and asked for another room seeing is we were sharing a full size bed, yikes.Unfortunatly Rita being around my age only had a few over 60's try to help her break the record and it only took about 13 minutes, very sad.

All in all it was a great time in vegas and I am glad Rita is getting her due. She was thrilled and that made it worth it. Again she said if it hadn't been for porn she would never have had been able to buy her Trailer in full. MMM isn't that nice.

Kisses Kids,


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  1. Oh that's fabulous! Congratulations to Rita! And a fine slut she is :D