Friday, January 06, 2006

A Fine Romance (Part 2)

Hey Kids,

I'm back from my New Years Holiday. Wow, was it a good one. I won't even get into Kathy Lee's party or should I say Caligula's den for the over 50 set. I never knew that Kathy Lee ran with such open and scantily clad people. I also was not told that after midnight the party became clothing optional, poor Berna burnt her thigh on the cheese fondue.

The best part of the evening was when one of the waiters Riccardo started paying special attention to me. He was dipping his banana's in the chocolate fondue and coating them with his special blend of nuts. Riccardo fed me many banana's that evening that led to me not feeling very well. I think it was his master plan to get me into the maids quarters so he could have his way with me. Please, he didn't need to go to all of that trouble... Anyhow I went to rest and shortly thereafter Riccardo came to check on me and it was 12:45 so you know what that means.... We were naked. Riccardo stepped to the side of the bed and we both rose to the occasion. I used his massive manmeat to lift myself up to plant a gentle kiss on his gorgeous lips. He then kissed my neck and down to my bosom he went and down further to the button of my belly and then..... Well I think you know what happened next, Riccardo took me and it was a ride worth taking. We made love for 3 days straight, he even caressed my ass and slapped me at one point but I didn't care Riccardo could do whatever he wanted.

After the love we talked for hours then he said he had to go, he had to get ready for school and he explained he already had missed two days. I thought it odd that college break was over so when I questioned him he said "I'm a senior in high school, not college". Damn, that Kathy Lee and her underage help!!! Thank God when I asked his actual age he muttered that he was 18. He thanked me for letting him fuck me and was on his way. I of course ran after him and almost knocked over Frank Gifford eating his cherrios. I told Riccardo that I didn't care about our age difference and told him I wanted to see him again. He turned to me and said in a tender voice "I don't think so Liza". Liza, what the fuck, I'm not Liza I screamed.
"Who in the hell are you then, I thought you were Liza". "I'm the legendary MargOH! Channing", I replied. "Who", he said as he turned away. "Now i can't even sell my story", he said, "Crap" and he ran off down the street.

Now kids don't feel bad for me. I am not one to get upset over these things. Hell, I got banged by an 18 year old and at my age that ain't bad.

The one thing I have learned from this is that I need to change my hair style. I think I may go blonde but then I may end up looking like Suzanne Somers... I guess I just can't win...

Kisses Kids,


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