Thursday, January 19, 2006

Do you like Pina Colada's

Hey Kids,

Berna and I just booked a vacation. We are going to Puerto Rico where the weather is hot and so are the men.

We are going to celebrate with one of my cast "GG the Shot girl" from "The MargOH! Channing Show" . She is getting married and we are going to have a wild bachlorette weekend.

We are gonna be like "Girls gone Wild", hitting the strip clubs and sucking down every Frozen Drink we can get our hands on.

We are going to stay at the Hilton Caribe so I went on line to figure out my Spa schedule and found this bit of information. The Pina Colada was first made at this hotel by one of their bartenders. How fab. I can't wait to try the original Pina Colada.

GG get your G-String fastened it's gonna be a wild time.

I have to remember to have Berna shave her back....

Kisses Kids,


Here's the Pina Colada story, gotta Love Joan

Birth Of The Piña Colada

The Birth of the Piña Colada--When actress Joan Crawford tasted the piña colada at what was then the Beachcombers Bar in the Caribe Hilton, Calle Los Rosales (tel. 787/721-0303), she claimed it was "better than slapping Bette Davis in the face."

This famous drink is the creation of bartender Ramon "Monchito" Marrero, now long gone, who was hired by the Hilton in 1954. He spent 3 months mixing, tasting, and discarding hundreds of combinations until he felt he had the right blend. Thus, the frothy piña colada was born. It's been estimated that some 100 million of them have been sipped around the world since that fateful time


  1. Pixie Plains12:07 PM

    I don't think frozen drinks will be the only thing you will be getting your hands on and sucking down.

    I know the three of you filthy little things all too well.

    I'm appalled...

    Can I come, ya fuckin' whore?

  2. Pixie,

    I wouldn't travel with you unless I was drunk before I left, Oh yeah I will be so sure why not.

    You can be our body guard since you are such a menace.

    Kisses, MargOH!

    PS Please refrain from using foul language on my blog.

    Thank you, Ms. Plains

  3. pixie plains7:38 PM

    Refrain from using foul language? How dare you!!!

    Do you fucking know who I am??? I'm a fucking star, you bitch! A star who saved your career from the shithouse.

    I suggest you remember that you would still be marketing that cooter of yours in Thailand if I hadn't taken pity on that messy sidekick of yours and paid to get you back in the country. Neil Sedaka begged me not to bring the two of you back!!! BEGGED me!

    If anything you should be asking me to refrain from running to Liz and Cindy and giving them the REAL story behind Margoh Channing...

    I'll plan my own trip to Puerto fuckin Rico. I think those Pina Coladas will be better than slapping Margoh Channing in the face...on second thought I'll double my pleasure and do both!

  4. Anonymous5:37 AM

    MargOh! DARLING...
    We have yet to meet. My Name is Beverly Breckinridge, my friends call me BUNNY. YOU, Can call me Bev!... I'm Berna's older, prettier, and less hairy sister...
    I've heard so MUCH about YOU!
    Let's leave "IT" at THAT!
    Anyway DARLING, I do find your blog intriguing, and oh so... beguiling. Of course all in VERY "QUEER" way...
    But, on to A more pressing dangerous and toxic topic
    That THING whom calls "It" self Pixie Plains... TRASH!
    The whole clan back in Swansea MA. are DISGUSTING. I've had my people research "It" & It's family.
    It turns out that John Waters based
    his masterpiece, Polyester, on The Plain Family.
    The Plain family has been voted "Filthiest People Alive" for the past 25 years. The award is presented at the "FFFF" "FallRiver Fall Filth Festival", sponsored by the Swansea Grange Association.
    The children at Swansea PS#2
    are working on a special art piece made of SNOT, to commemorate the occasion. The children have worked diligently for the past two years in order to collect the amount of SNOT needed for the "ART" piece.
    *My people have also found undisputable proof that "DUSTY PLAIN", the Glamorous, Chic, & Talented "WHITE SHEEP" of the Plain Clan, is allegedly alive! Dusty is the presumed dead sister of Pixie Plain. She is said to be alive, But not so well! It turns out The Plain Family has orchestrated an elaborate hoax! They are holding Dusty in an undisclosed, underground, portuguese labor/internment camp somewhere in Fallriver MA.
    Dusty is said to be forced to Bake "Bolo's" A Portugues version of the english muffin. Bolo's are sold at "Christmas Tree Shops" and in the worste portugues Bakeries throught New England. IE: East Providence RI, Fallriver, New Bedford, and Cape Cod Ma.
    My people are currently working on Finding Ms. Plains. We are being assisted by Drake Hodgyston from "Day's Of Our Lives" fame. It turns out that Drake is really I.S.A. agent/mercinary.
    On a closing note: Be Good to MY Berna, and shave her godamn back. She also has three skin tags, the size and color of a skittles candy on her back! You really should snip them off with manicure scissors... This would be the Very LEAST you can do for her.
    You drunken "B" actress!

    Watch OUT for "THAT" Pixie Plain. Drake has arranged for I.S.A survalence. But, Alas they can NOT, and will NOT go into many of the disgusting places & parties That you and my poor sad, hairy, and bewildered sister tend to frequent.
    "WATCH OUT"...
    Rumor has it that The Plain Clan wants to abduct the two of you, and sell you into the portugues slave trade! THEY WANT YOU TO BAKE BOLO'S...

    With Best Intentions
    and zero tolerance.
    Bev Breckinridge

  5. Pixie dear,

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I got back in the country after my Cabaret burnt to the gound. Luckily I had insurance. I know that Berna had called you and asked for Neil's private Jet but we had to eventually go commercial, yuk.
    Neil and I have mended our woes and actually had a little well should I say reunion at Mickey and Jan Rooney's show......

    Fine don't come to Puerto Rico.. and stop swearing!!!!!

    Now to Beverly aka Bunny whom I have rarely heard about from Berna.

    She told me that you were Rhode Island High Society which is about the equivelent of Royalty in Transylvania.. So you should watch those "B" actress comments.

    I have been in more films than Julia, Charliz and Liz all together. 1200 to date and still going. Watch out for me the the upcoming "Underworld". I play submerged lady #66. It is a splash of a role.

    Also Beverly I am well aware of the dangers surrounding the Plains family. My involvement with them has come of course with my employment of your sister Berna. I can handle them and will make it a point to find out where Dusty is because she is the only one that can difuse Pixie.

    I also am aware of Berna's health issue and plan to help her get Gastric Bypass surgery. I will have them remove the unsightly blemishes form her body as well.

    This will allow her to be more active and of course do more around the house. This morning it was I who had to wash in between her toes. This is not what a star of my caliber should be doing!!!.

    Good Day Beverly,

    Kisses, MargOH!

  6. Pixie Plains9:15 AM

    Poor, sad demented Bunny.

    You still haven't gotten over the fact that it was I whom Nancy Sinatra chose to do an exclusive cover version of "Boots" (still the longest and highest charting single in Tuvalu, by the way) rocketing me to international superstardom AND allowing me to steal your first husband Dante Facaldo, have you??! Oh yes, Beaver, remember how easy it was for me to steal that hot love stick out from under your saggy twat??? Still smarting from that ouchie??

    I will tell you, once and fucking, for all...DO NOT CONTINUE to spread these vicious rumours about my alleged lower middle-class roots! I've warned you before but this time I mean it...

    Poor, pathetic BUNNY...why don't hop back into that dirty, infested hole you came up from.

    As for you Madge...looking forward to running you over in PR...oops I mean running into you in PR.

    Ta bitches...