Monday, January 07, 2008

Let Tonya Harding Skate

Hey kids,

obviously I have hopped the fence and am still entering into the blog. It's just that things come up and I want to express my views...

Now some of you know that if I weren't acting, singing and doing my shows I'd be figure skating. It is a passion I have though I am not very good at it...I tried taking lessons from Brian Boitano but I kept grabbing his ass instead and I am dear friends to Dickie Button and Peggy Fleming...anyway there is nothing like doing a spiral or a lay back spin..especially when you've had three dirty martini's. I usually go to Molly's pub for a few and then hit central park for a twirl on the lay back is not as good but I can still do a fabulous spiral, everyone stops and stares as i glide across the ice, my only problem is I am fine getting going but many times I can't stop so there are usually a few people that I bring down with me when I try and stop but screw them they shouldn't be staring..

Usually around this time I look up my girl Tonya Harding to see what she's up too and I found this article. Poor dear is selling her soul for $5 or $10 a pop. It's a bit sad when that big toothed menace Nancy kerrigan is raking in the bucks for really being a mediocre skater. Tonya in my book was the most fabulous jumper the sport had seen. She was fantastic and probably still is..

If any of you have watched skating lately it is not very that Sasha Cohen has moved on, it's a big bore, so I think the USFSA should lift the ban on Tonya and let her skate. If they did I am sure she would attempt a comeback and how exciting that would be..She'd probably smoke a few cigarettes and down a few beers before going on and nail it.

That's why I like her!!!

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kisses, MargOH!


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    ha ha - did the fence give you a splinter margOH!? There was I, mourning the loss of my favourite read, (i passed the time reading the latest "tales of the city"...) and thought I'd just click the "MargOH!" bookmark on the off chance, and there were three more posts! Wonderful! I think Alice is still mourning the fact that she left that pink Tonya Harding skate-suit at the flea market in Hell's Kitchen... xxxphoebs

  2. Well you know I was recharged by that press release i got, it made want to be as Bi and Drag like as i can. I am writng at a fast pace. I may have three shows written by next week.

    Thanks for stopping by..i THOUGHT THE GREEN suit was Tonya's and the pink one was peggy flemings, she's all set...

    keep checking back, I've gone crazy
    with idea's...LOL

    Kisses, M