Friday, January 11, 2008

Surprise, Surprise

Hey Kids,

The year has started off very interesting not to keep writing in this damn blog. My agent shecky has landed me 6 features that all shoot in February and march and beyond. I'm very excited because one is with my pal Gael Garcia Bernal and this will be the first time ever being in a foreign film, well besides a few that I won't mention that I produced in Bangkok. Dearest Gael and I kept in touch after our chance meeting at a fundraiser, he's so sweet and he made sure to get me a small part he thought I'd be perfect for, yikes...I'm very nervous.

Anyway, the other big news is that the other night my doorbell chimed and it was my mother Sully and my Aunt(my father's sister) Fawn "Fire blade" Tastic Channing. Of course they both showed up unannounced and I hadn't seen Aunt Fawn in years and I couldn't believe how she let herself go... You see my Aunt fawn was a competitive figure skater and quite well known in her day for her lightning speed and jumping prowess.. Fawn said she had changed her skating name to Fawn Tastic because Dick Button told her she had a fawntastic double toe wally but he denies it. Those days are long over especially after her failed attempt in the 70's to compete with the Ice capades in a review called "The Ice Capettes" where she used little people who had never skated before, kind of like a circus on ice..., it was a disaster.

It took the poor thing years to get over that but then opened an Ice fishing/Figure skating camp in Beaver Brook Wisconsin for wayward and pregnant teen girls. I never really understood the concept until I realized the parents of the pregnant girls were paying extra to make sure they were being made to try and do double toe Wally's and left unpregnant....The business recently went Belly up because the ice is too thin to fish on due to Global warming and with all the evangelical Christians taking over, the damn teens are opting to have the babies. She's flat broke!

I noticed she had a ton of bags with her and Sully told me there was no room for her at "The Fishmonger's retirement home" at least for 6 months s Sully said "She's staying with you". Well as Nan on The Catherine Tate show says "What a fucking liberty". It's times like these that make me wonder why I was cursed with such a crazy family then I realize everyone has a crazy family. Amongst many of Fawn's things she had some lovely photo's of herself when she was in shape...I'll have MAN-ee snap some pictures of her soon so you can see what she looks like's tragic.

I'll have to continue this post in a second part because Fawn is a handful and just started using my darling Kim Fungs water bowl as an ashtray...good lord. I better have MAN-ee order us a case of champers cause it's gonna be rough, Sully already drank my bottle of Stoli and all of my olives..

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. phoebs4:41 PM

    fawn really does sound fawntastic MargOH!, can't wait to hear how you all are getting on... poor old MAN-ee, as they say, you don't just marry the bride, but the whole family...!

  2. Oh Aunt Fawn is a mess, she's smoking and drinking, she's very depressed. She asked me if she could do her most famous routine in my next show, some interpretive dance to stravinsky's "Firebird"..very scarey...I'll let you know..

    FYI her and linda have been smoking bowls of hash and watching old home movies from the camp..crazy shit!!...Linda asked Fawn if she could play her in a movie but i think she's too short..