Monday, June 26, 2006

The reviews are in!!!

Hey Kids,

Here's a few reviews of "The MargOH! Channing Variety Hour and 10 minutes"

"MargOH! Channing is brilliant, a comedy genius, next stop broadway, we wanted to hose her down"- The FDNY

"MargOH! lights up the stage like the inside of a Tuna Can". "She never lets us down"- The Bangor Box Weekly

"MargOH! Channing makes me sick... with Laughter- Mickey Rooney

"MargOH! sucked the life out of me but Ann Carr, Jeff Catlow and Jarad Astin were terrific"- The Fishmonger daily

"It was a pleasure to hear MargOH! ruin my song "New Girl in Town", what a voice on her, like cats being run over by an MTA bus" - Linda Lavin

"Who in the hell is MargOH! Channing?, I'm not going to her show"- Vincent Canby

"It was amazing, Ann Carr was a hoot, Jeff Catlow has a gorgeous voice , Jarad Astin was killer on Piano, MargOH!'s costumes were awesome"- a drunk audience member

I'll post pics asap and video soon kids. Now I must get back to getting out on the town.

Going to Joe's Pub tonight for a cabaret retrospective, I'll fill you in soon!!!

Kisses, The big M


  1. that joe's pub thing tonight is possibly the best line up ever - blossom, nellie and justin bond! I met justin at the bookshop i work at and we hit it off immediately, talking about blossom's fingerwork and reading judy garland's poems... MargOH!, I am SO jealous. I'm looking forward to your photos and video like no tomorrow after those reviews, phoebe xX

  2. hey Kids,

    Thanks dolls. You know we had a packed house so I was not sure how many if any reviewers were their. Julia Roberts didn't show, witch...

    Anywho, yes tonights show at Joe's seems fun, I have never seen Justin Bond in action but that shall be fun, I'm sure but you know I can't wait to her Blossom and Nellie darlings...

    Kisses, MargOH!

    Berna is not going, the last time we went to Joe's pub she started throwing pub fries at Iman and David Bowie, what a scene, LOL

  3. Look what happens to kate bush when she's been smoking the herb ->
    One of my friends once had to launder kate bush's blouse after a performance - she said that when she hit it with the steamer, it released some powerful fragrances that have stayed with her until this day. Nevertheless, she is still a great fan of bush (sorry) and her wonderful work and fashion sense xX