Thursday, June 01, 2006

Liz Taylor Mad as Hell after Larry King appearance

Hi Kids,

Did anyone see that living Doll Liz Taylor on Larry King...

Well Liz called me because she knows I am heavily connected in the Spokesmodeling
field and once sold a "fat blaster" in Bangkok that was a huge success... Well a huge success for my wallet but somehow no one lost any weight... It's not my fault people have no will power.. Berna get me my 0 Trans-Fat Lays would ya doll..

Anywho Liz is starting to sell her jewelry so she wanted the number to my friend, "The Maria Callas of Spokesmodeling" Miss Hickory Thicket. I of course gave her the number but she ended up chewing my ear off at what an Ass Larry King is.
She also said she thinks he's gone a bit senile himself.

She was pissed that he was so confused about what was her personal Jewelry and what was part of her upcoming items for Purchase. She said the only reason she went on was to market her crap, oh I mean Lovely jewelry. I also set Liz up with some cheap labor in Bangkok to get the crap, I mean lovely Jewelry made. Don't forget Kids that I ran a 25 seat Cabaret/Bordello/Escort service in Bangkok for many years...

Liz also stopped shipment on the necklace she sent to Larry's wife as a good gesture..

If I've learned one thing about Liz. Don't mess with Miss Taylor or she'll make sure life is not so pleasant but in the nicest possible way. I tried to sell an old bottle of white diamonds on ebay and I was sent a cease and assist order... She has people everywhere watching over her royalties....

I do agree with Liz, Larry needs to listen a little better, maybe a Q-tip would help.

Poor, Poor Liz

Kisses, Kids


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