Friday, June 23, 2006

MargOH! is now a Published Poet, check it out

Hey Kids,

This is a very exciting time for old MargOH!

Not only was my show a personal triumph and I must thank everyone involved.

My darling Jeff Catlow for his brilliant direction and outstanding vocal Performance to "Strangers in the Night". It was gorgeous!!

To The lovely Ann Carr and her brilliant character Hickory Thicket. You are the best!!! Funnier than any gal I know..

Thank you to my darling Jarad Astin for his Haunting piano playing and his comic relief that was well needed... He is the best piano player in the world according to MargOH!

Sam Rowan who stepped in as my wardrobe mistress due to Berna's inability to make me happy!!! Sam did a bang up job for little old MargOH! and she really knows how to handle the pressure of Handling MargOH!... Love ya Kiddo

Rob Rowan for his advice and just being an all around swell guy!!

Jessie Kempf for her initial piano guidance, she is the second best piano player in the world to MargOH! and use of her lovely apartment for rehearsals..Bravo my love

Ken Kleiber for filming my little show for his Big TV show "Thats Kentertainment"
Love ya baby!!!

Nathan exposed for his fabulous podcast that got some of my Gays to come and check me out!! Thanks doll!!!

To Mike Dantico for being my bestest friend, kisses Doll

To all the fans that came to support me and you know who you are, I love you all!!!

Now Kids Miss Channing is also a published poet in "The Literary Pride Supplement" from "The Windy City Times"... I linked it

I entered my poem for their consideration and was chosen to be published. I am very excited about this. It is titled "MargOH! and Nellie" and is about my friendship with
singer, songwriter and Broadway star Nellie McKay.

Nellie was one of the first guests I had on my Talk show and she even came back for my christmas special. She is a darling marvelous woman and I just adore her.She is an advocate for gay marraige and animal rights, things that are very close to MargOH! as well. She is just the best

I wrote it as a statement about how different people from different walks of life can come together to make art and be peaceful human beings. Acceptance for life, love and the freedom to express ourselves any way we choose....

Now I need a drink, it's all so grand... Cheers Kids

kisses, MargOH!


  1. Congratulations baby, I'm so happy for you! I'm glad your show turned out so well, you certainly deserve it :) And also congrats on the poem, I loved it!

  2. Anonymous9:51 AM

    The Poem is a masterpeice MargOH!
    The publication is well deserved.
    I would love to hear you read it in person!
    Nelly must be honoured too.
    Enjoy your celebrations thisevening, you deserve it after all the hard work youve put in.
    We London kids shall raise a toast in your honour.
    Congratulations MargOH!
    Your creativity is an inspiration to us all.

    Dan xxx

  3. Hi Dan and Nathan,

    Thank you for your kind words. I am touched and am so happy you like my poem.

    Nellie is an inspiration to me. There has been no other artist whose songs have touched me like hers in a very long time. She has wit, style and charisma very close to Judy Garland.

    She gets life as it is today and when I stand next to her I feel greatness and warmth.

    Nellie embraces diversity and shuns hate in our society. She is in the game of show biz to help change the world and that is special to me. i know she will help make the world a better place through her work.

    I of course try and do that through providing some laughter and of course champagne...

    Thanks again, I appreciate it Kids!!

    MargOH! is touched.

    I am going to ask Nellie to turn this poem into a song so I will keep you all updated

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    wow - congratulations margOH! I would like to do a painting of you and nellie, inspired by your poem. O, and it would be marvelous as a song! .. maybe a duet between you both? Yours Phoebe xX

  5. Phoebe darling,

    MargOH! and Nellie on canvas, oh yes, gorgeous.... We could be in a vintage clothing store or something, how fun!! I would be honored!!

    Kisses, MargOH!

    If you do can you give me fabulous knockers, LOL

  6. Anonymous1:41 PM

    fabulous knockers are my speciality, though I'm sure yours are already truely splendid - i'm going to crack on with it... Xx
    p.s I appreciate your kind words re; the nellie painting *especially*. I had a very funny card from nellie too depicting hunting Pennsylvania style. It's delightful, usually everyone I admire is dead, (well Liza came through.. but you know what i mean) so it's a real joy to find out about you two. Dan and I were sitting by the river thames as the sun went down this evening, chuckling so, over our drinks, (from the off-licence I'm afraid, not the near-by glamourous bars, we're poor young artists!) as we recalled your many tales from these pages to our friends.. laughter lapped through london! x