Monday, June 19, 2006

Berna lost a Ton

Hey Kids,

I just had to tell you that Berna has practically Slimmed down overnight!!!

At first after her gastric bypass she really didn't seem to lose any weight. I even caught her eating a double whopper w/ cheese and a milkshake, terrible girl.

The other day she went out with Rufus Wainwright before one of his "Judy" shows at carnegie hall and when she came back, she said she felt like Rufus had given her a spiritual awakening when she watched him rehearse.... Not sure why she was even with him.... anyway, she said after Rufus's sister martha sang "Stormy Weather" she started vomiting and vomiting until she passed out in a pool of sick.

When she walked through the door I couldn't believe it. She looked like she had lost 100 pounds... It was amazing.

Berna said that she puked up her guts and felt light as a feather. I guess everything she had eaten got caught in that little stomach and was just hanging out... but after hearing all that Rufus wainwright singing it made things start moving. Listen , I am all for Rufus but honestly that high pitch screeching can get a bit tiresome!!!!!

Well anywho, Berna got on the scale and believe it or not she lost 70 pounds.. Wow!!!
Thank god, i ran out and bought her some super slimmy low rise jeans I got at the Gap and they almost fit... just a few more pukes and she'll be in em...

This is a breakthrough for Big ole Berna and I'm thrilled for her....

This means she'll be able to do windows again without breaking them!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Dear MargOH!, there are some pictures of my painting with Nellie and her broken uke on my journal - just click on flickr on the left-hand side.
    Dan and I were drinking to your honour. We are beyond sad to be missing your live show, and the possibility of catching a glimpse of Berna in her skinny-fit jeans. As Judy Garland once wrote in her poem The First Cigarette, "I was a woman, glamorous, sparkling"... well, tomorrow that's you!

  2. Good luck MargOH! im sure the show shall be Spectacular!
    What will you be wearing? Im sure youve created somthing totally unique for the occasion.
    You should really take your show on the road, it sounds exactly what the british audience are gagging for right now.

    as we say in England 'Break a Leg'
    and be sure to take some pics for us

    Dan xx