Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The MargOH! Channing Variety Hour Pictorial II

Hey Kids,

More pics of the show...

MargOH! as liza, MargOH!'s life story on a table, MargOH! about to show her cooter and MargOH! just gorgeous..

Enjoy kids

I'm just about to run over to Barbara Walters for a "Demise of Star Jones Reynolds" Party. I got the gorgeous embossed invitation this morning, WaWa is quick.. FYI The pic of star on it is when she was still fat....I'll let you know who is there!!

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. MargOH! the pics are wonderfull!
    They should put your life story on a table in the Guggenheim Museum, it is truly awe inspiring.
    Please keep posting the pics.
    Last night i went to a party with a free bar so i decided to try my first Strawberry Martini, it was delightful! especially after a few glasses of bubbly Mmmnnn.
    Looking at your pics i was wondering how does such a boozhound as yourself manage to maintain such statuesque figure and appear so fresh and vibrant in all your photos? i always appear retarded and deformed on these occasions.

    Dan xxxx

  2. Dan darling,

    It's simple love. The more I drink the less it effects me. I just love the taste... though honestly i usually pace myself. I will have say 5 dirty martini's and wait an hour and have 5 glasses of champers and then wait two hours, etc. It's all about pacing.

    As far a my body, i recently actually started exercising... I had to because about a year ago I was unable to see my cooter due to my muffin top.. So Liza reccommended I start dancing with Luigi and I did and it has been fantastic, I also took pole dancing lessons and now i am enjoying playing tennis with Billie Jean and doing palates with Margaret Cho....I'm exhausted..

    Kisses, MargOH!

    MMM strawberry martini.sounds yummy and perfect for a summer day

    I have fallen off one too many bar stools in my day and looked retarded and messy so I have learned not to dink too much on stage but after the show, yikes!!!

  3. Thats a pretty impressive workout MargOH! i guess lifting all those big heavy champagne bottles must help keep those arms firm too?


  4. Anonymous8:28 AM

    Hi MargOH!

    My friend Phoebe told me about your blog and I just had to check-it-out myself. I soon realised that we have another mutual friend, Justin Bond (aka Kiki), who I know a little from his London art-tard phase.

    Strawberry Martinis sound great, at the moment I'm sipping a rum, grenadine and lime mixture called a 'ballet russe' which I think you'd like a lot. It's THE in-tipple, as we say across the pond. Anyway. . . big fan of your life story, and particularly the show stopping lady-in-red dress.

    Susan x

  5. hey Kids,

    I love all of my new UK friends...

    I must come over for a drink with you all.

    And a show... I must gather you all up for a big show!!

    I love a foggy day in old London town kids...

    My life story is unique but being born a fish mongers daughter from bangor, Maine set me off on the wrong foot, amazing how far i've come to have fans like you all.

    Cheers Kids

    Kisses, MargOH!

  6. MargOH darling, I've loved seeing the pics from your show. You look stunning as always, dear!