Monday, December 04, 2006

MargOH! goes Ugly

Hey Kids,

Sorry I've been on the DL but my agent Shecky Burns landed me a role in "Ugly Betty" and I had been filming like mad. I was given the part of "Mad Mode Lady" # 6. I'll be in an elevator scene. It was my first elevator scene since I did stand in work for Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction"....This role was a little less demanding..Michael Douglas stunk to high heaven. Let CZJ have him.

It was a blast and I loved the cast. Especially that Eric Mabius, mmmm MargOH! got a bit overheated over the food table. Well, I also got a little sweaty because I had to assist Vanessa Williams with putting on her panty girdle, not to hide any fat but to conceal her overgrown muff.

Vanessa told me she doesn't believe in waxing, its not natural!!!

America(Betty) and Mark Indelicato (Justin) were also adorable and very kind to the old gal. Justin asked for my autograph because he knew I had been married to Rodney Allen Rippy and he was one of his mothers cute.

I couldn't believe how much fun I had even though i was paid scale unlike most of my other work but I figured it's a hot show so what the hell.

On other news! Berna is not back in the fold as of yet because she is still acting up. I love Cuchie, she's a real workhorse. The house is so clean and she even makes me Gluten Free cookies. She even has Stoli doing her chores and finally talked her out of wearing the diaper. Berna is hard at work with Kathie Lee at MSG assisting her with "Annie". Carlo is now driving for Ms. Gifford as well. I just got my invite to Kathie Lee's Christmas ball again but I may pass this year and go to something more trendy...who know's.

I'll be back kids....

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. t.t. tetley7:52 AM

    MargOH darling,
    Ugly Betty is a hoot - so glad you're continuing your stellar extra work. Did you know Eric Maibus was the wannabe rocker Dawn Weiner was crushing on in Welcome to the Dollhouse? I interviewed him back then but now that his show is successful the bastard won't return my calls.

  2. T.T. darlin...

    Its been too long. Yes, it was a thrill to work on this show. oh, no I didn't know Eric was in this fabulous film, I do know he was in the muff diver drama "The L Word. He is a sexy hunk of a man!! I'll call him and see what I can do.

    To all my fans out there TT hosted my show "Inside the Extra's Studio". She is a much better host than James Lipton from "In the Actors studio".

    Love ya TT