Wednesday, December 13, 2006

2nd Annual MargOH!'s "Most Annoying Gays of 06" list

Hey Kids,

Now you know I'd rather walk on my lips than say something bad about someone....but OH! what the Hell.

I get annoyed just like everyone else and it seems that the gays can be as annoying as hell. This is not to say that the straights don't do their part in making MargOH! tip the bottle. There will be a most annoying straights list to follow as well and of course my "Big in 06" list.

The list for most annoying gays was extremely easy this year because I didn't have to look much further than the TV network LOGO to supply my annoyances.....

LOGO in itself is a bit annoying seeing that it is a GLBT channel but for some reason bleeps out most all GBLT references...go figure.

Any who here is my list......

#5- Rufus Wainwright

Mr. Wainwright completely annoyed Ms. Channing when he decided to recreate one of the most magnificent evenings in the history of Entertainment. If you didn't know he performed the whole Judy Garland performance at Carnegie Hall. All I have to ask is Why..... Why..... Why...... .

Mr. Wainwright first and foremost is not one of my favorite singers mostly because of his annoying nasal ridden voice.

After listening to some of the tracks from this I have to say it was a mediocre attempt to salute a legend.

I am sure Mr. Wainwright had lovely intentions but I feel he jumped way out of his element and was wrapped up in his own ego . I think if he is planning any more of these types of concerts maybe he should attempt the Cat Stevens songbook...... Mama needs a dirty martini......

#4- Perez Hilton

Why in the hell is the gay world all wrapped up in the glory of Perez Hilton?..........Could it be that they can't help loving that "Hilton" name... Is it the fancy layout of his blog that turns them on? Is it that they think he is giving them the latest inside dish?(most of his stories are taken from other sources). If MargOH! has to ask all of these questions than she is instantly annoyed....Kids if you want good dish go check out the grand damn Lady Bunny......

# 3- Nemesis Rising

Oh, in the past we've had so many twins to annoy us...We have had the "Doublemint Twins", "The Olsen Twins", "The Barbie Twins" and now we have Jacob and Joshua Miller also known as "Nemesis". I personally like to call them "The Lazy Eyed Twins" or the "Thinning Hair Twins". Their show "Nemesis Rising" is like a train wreck that I can't keep from watching....I am actually annoyed at myself for tuning in which makes me even more annoyed with them. Its a vicious cycle. Jacob and Joshua set me free.

I'm a vocal stylist and no way a singer but I am annoyed that these boys got a recording contract. They are a shake away from terrible and am not sure how they have made it this far.

Oh, must be that someone at Curb records....or Logo think they are cute. I think they look a step away from being on the special bus. Nice bodies and being gay Jehovah's doesn't make for good voices...Poor Barry Manilow looked like he needed a stiff drink after producing a track for them..... I'm sure Barry got a little man meat for that job from the slutty one.....

I'm sure I'll take some heat for this choice but c'mon people we need better pop stars than this..... When an artist has no control over the material they sing it's sad...A Bay City Roller's cover, Please... Cuchie make MargOH! a stiff one!!!!!

#2 - Best Gay Blogs

Well this choice is more of an entity than a person. It is "Best Gay Blogs". They really have ticked me off and I am annoyed with this site. It claims to be a GLBT site that lists GLBT blogs and highlights and reviews many blogs. My issue is that it really only focuses on men and has hardly any focus on Lesbian, Bi- or transgendered blogs.

I listed my blog because I figured this Bi-sexual gal would be a hit....LOL, not.

They did mention me once but just to say that the title of my blog was the longest they'd ever seen. Thanks so much dolls but if you're going to say derogatory things MargOH! won't have you over for a cocktail!!!

As Berna said..."They can go fuck themselves". I of course don't use such language but "Best Gay Blogs" you suck!!!

# 1- Jason & DeMarco

Oh, LOGO....Thank you so much for supplying me with this saccharine bittersweet couple. At least no one had the sense to give them a recording contract. They went ahead and created their own label...How fun!

The video that played on LOGO for months was a side splitting tour De force for the "poker girls". A gay Christian couple singing sweet nothings to each other or should I say whispering... "When I see you.....blah, blah, blah..... Its all very typical and so amusing how the LOGO viewers were enraptured by these boys . My favorite quote off their website is from deMarco

"People have told us that separately we are good as musicians, but something amazing happens when we come together and sing."

From Jason

"Although my Pentecostal background is the foundation of my morals, spirituality and ideals, with age my spiritual path has broadened as well as my music, crossing over boundaries and able to reach people from all walks of life. Music is a Universal language; the language of the soul."

Cuchie get me the pale...I'm gonna puke. This stuff is better than Sally fields "You like me, You really, really like me".

I'm glad that people out there like Jason & deMarco. However, it is the right of every American to be completely annoyed by them.

This completes my list for "06". It is my time to vent all the crazy building up from the world of Celebrity. I will then start a new in January and hope not to be annoyed in "07".

Kisses, MargOH!


Honorable mentions
Mark Foley- A big ugly mess
Will Wikle- Why is he hosting anything?
Heatherette- Richie just purses his lips too much
Michael Kors- Makes some of the ugliest mens clothes I've ever seen, Who is he to Judge?
Mary Cheney- Daddy's little lesbian, how nice for her....


  1. HI Chris,

    Thanks doll...You're gorgeous..

    I wish I could go to Jackie's show but I'm booked...

    But how about "The Glammy's...are you going?

    Kisses, MargOH!

  2. The Husband12:16 PM

    Oh come now MargOH!

    As your husband I KNOW that you harbor secret feelings for Joshua (the dark haired, dull headed one). Don't think I didn't find that picture of him (the dark haired, dull headed one) alongside your little "massager" that you keep in the nightstand.

    Fess up...

  3. Marg darling, you really have balls... no pun intended, of course. You've really outdone yourself this year. That list was boldly hysterical!

    Good for you. And Amen about Perez Hilton. He disgusts me. He's always calling women fat if they happen to weigh more than 80 pounds. He needs to take a look in the mirror sometime. Fame has really went to his head. Who knew someone could become so popular just for being mean?


  4. Hi Husband...

    Yes, its true I'd do em. I'll do any man that has a bigger c... size than an IQ

    Kisses, MargOH!

  5. Nathan,

    Balls to the wall baby...I don't ask for much but why is it that the gays will settle for mediocrity if someone has a good body... Poor Mickey Rooney never would have made it today...

    Kisses, MargOH!