Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Focus For Change Concert

Hey Kids,

Its been a while since I went out on the town. Its been mostly poker nights with the gals but that has become a bore.

I was thrilled when Kate Pierson from the B-52's called me and asked me to go to the Focus For Change Concert. It was being hosted by that hunk of a man Gael Garcia Bernal. Peter Gabriel also hosted but he's a bit old for me now. This concert is to promote Human rights or something, who knows anymore???

I was thrilled when I hopped in the car and Fred Schneider was there to. Although I have to say he looks a lot like my aunt Trudie now. It is a bit sad when rock stars get old. It's like looking at feedback from a microphone if we actually could see what that looks like...

Of course they busted out the medicinal weed....I usually don't smoke but when someone offers I usually take a bit. I had a hit or two but then when I told Kate she looked thin I knew it was time to stop.

We hopped out of the car, well I rolled out and was whisked down the red carpet. I'm tired of the handlers at these things. Kate and Fred squeezed me out....I never get my red carpet glory. Luckily I was swept right in front of Gael...yawza. What a hunk of a man that is....I grabbed him and gave him a big wet kiss right on the lips.

Gael was taken a bit off guard but he went with it and dipped me a la ballroom style and returned the favor. My blouse popped open and he even took a look at the knockers... He then asked me who I was?

Its always fun to meet someone new so I gave him the quick history. He added that he must have me be an extra in one of his films so I slipped him my card.

Yes, people right into the front pocket......he really is a big star. Very gracious and very eager to please.... I had to run to the ladies to fix the lips after that. Kate came in and said she couldn't believe my spunk. The press had seen it all and were ready to start a rumor.

Oh, please, I said. I still think he's as gay as a picnic basket.....

Kate got a little uncomfortable when I brought up the fact that I owned a bordello in Bangkok. I think she forgot about that even though my girls gave her a massage on more than one occasion when the b-52's came to rehearse for their tours in my cabaret. I told Kate, don't worry my girls were always over 18. I'm all about human rights but she insisted on leaving right away....whatever

The night otherwise was a big bore but that's what most of these events are like...

Kisses, MargOH!

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