Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stoli's Robo-Tripping

Hey kids,

I knew there was something odd going on when i noticed all of my Sudafed and NyQuil kept
disappearing from my Medicine cabinet. I have had a stubborn cold and Cuchie went to the drug store the other day and everything is gone already. I mean ,I could understand my vodka running out in a day or even a few hours but not cold remedies, never. I had her run out for more right away.

So then I put a camera in the bathroom to find out what was going on. I let it run all day yesterday and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Well, I find out that Cuchie is having a bit of a thing with an Asian delivery guy who was obviously sticking more than menu's through the crack of the door. She better scrub that bathtub out!!!

I fast forwarded through that mess and see Stoli downing the whole bottle of NyQuil then half a box of Sudafed. I went straight to her room and she was all fucked up and said she was "Robo-Tripping". I guess all the kids are doing it but Stoli keeps forgetting she's 26.

I was in a huff because I had gotten her a PA job on "The View", thanks Rosie... but she was so messed up she forgot to go in......

I told Stoli that her Mama may like to drink and enjoy a little recreational weed from time to time but missing work is a no, no!!!!!!!!!!! So I shook her until she puked and called "The Betty Ford Clinic".

They owe me a free bee from that time I spent 2 days there ( Sully sent me under false pretenses). They asked me to leave because I drank all the rubbing's the same as vodka, just a little stronger. They said if I left they would give me a voucher for a family it's time to pay up.

They work fast, a man in a little white coat came and got her by the end of day. I gave him a $50 dollar bill and asked that he make sure she's not home for Christmas.

Stoli was kicking and screaming saying she'd never do it again and this was all unnecessary. She also added that none of this would have ever happened if "stumpy" was here.

So I said "Well Stumpy's not here, is he he".....

I'll say it again Motherhood is a Troublesome Burden

Kisses, MargOH!

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