Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving part 2

Hey Kids,

I know you've been waiting......Well I've been drinkin....LOL

I'm not sure where I left off but anyway Cuchie made a huge dinner, then Berna and her new fiance Carlo showed up with Berna Begging for her job back and of course my love. Then to my surprise my sister Rita and Sully made a pilgrimage to my fun. Rita also brought her porn pal Jenna Jamelson, not Jenna Jameson...Jenna Jamelson is the Granny Tranny of the over 60 porn set. Sully was drunk as a skunk on a bottle of boonesfarm wine , she called one of her "Pussycat Dolls" to join us as well seeing they were in town for the "Jingle Ball". This party was becoming a Kennel club especially after Glen-da the super stopped by with her new mate Henryetta.

Henryetta is a bit of a hairy gal with a musty odor so i sat her at the kids table with Stoli (who is still insisting on wearing a baby tee and training bra with daisy dukes and a diaper)...she can't really be mine.

Mickey and Jan Rooney came a bit late because they had a dinner for the OTB set, Mickey joined Jeff for a few duets with Jarad tinkling those keys...It was all turning into a grand time until Berna and Cuchie started battling each other about who would carve the turkey. Cuchie has got a bit of a temper and accidentally carved Berna's finger by mistake, I think... Berna then stuck Cuchie's face into the boiling gravy.

Sully of course jumped into the action trying to apply fish bone salve to their wounds...but accidentally poured her nip of vodka into Berna's cut prompting her to slap her across the room. Rita then lunged over the table and pulled Berna's earring out of her ear. It was all turning into a debacle when to my surprise Bette Midler(I worked with her in "The Rose" as "concert whore # 6") came in to say hi.

Bette was in town for the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony that happened last night. She strolled in and jumped into a version of "Rockin around the Christmas tree" that blew us all away. . Jarad held his own with Bette, it was wonderful. Bette couldn't believe her eyes as to the goings on so she took a snort of "Stoli"... the vodka, not my DNA daughter. Then her and I did a duet of "Boogie woogie Bugle Boy" that sent Glen-da and Henryetta into a full out Lindy..... It was amazing.

Bette is a magnet for people and she demands attention so of course she soothed the savage beasts (Cuchie and Berna). She is really a wind beneath our wings...

I thought everyone was under Bette's spell until I heard Jarad yelling for help from the bathroom. I had to almost knock the door town and when i got in Sully and Jenna were completely nude and had him cornered in the spa tub. It was a Thanksgiving memory I'd like to erase but luckily Jarad passed out from the terror of it all. Jenna and sully started making out so I pulled Jarad out and let them be....

Poor Bette had to pee so I let her use my potted plant, she's a Brooklyn girl through and through. Then she said her goodbye's and whisked out like she was on a cloud....

Happy Thanksgiving kids....



  1. MargOH! i so wish i could haev been there for the thanks giving dinner it sounds spectacular, and what an honour to have bette show up and seranade you all! Im cookin christmas dinner for some friends this year MargOH! youve inspired me, i need some live music, do you rekon Bette would do the honours if she was in this neck of the woods? I mean i couldnt pay her but she's gettin on a bit so i get she might be willing to do it for a bit of fresh meat wink wink!?
    Anyways i must go and start searching for menu ideas too

    kisses Dan

  2. phoebe3:14 PM

    Waaaaah! It's just ***brilliant!*** Bette would be so at home in the neck-of-the-woods dan and I live in, it's basically Brooklyn but with more gun crime... Much love to *our* divine Miss M!, Phoebs

  3. I'm so jealous. Why wasn't I invited???? THAT sounds like a party not to be missed. ;)


  4. hey Kids,

    yes, Bette saved the day. It seems I've lost control of my staff and family members.

    I think it is that George Bush has been in office far too long and we're all going mad!!

    Chris baby, you're invited to my pad anytime....

    Kisses, MargOH!