Friday, November 10, 2006

Kirsty Alley goes Apeshit!!!!!

Hey Kids,

There is a scandel a brewin. It is crazy!!!

I got a call from Kirsty Alley's people telling me that Kirsty was about to go
apeshit over not winning the "Spoksey".

She is screaming foul play. They added that they have insider information that she was the top vote getter for the prize. She is accusing me of rigging the competition.

"How dare she, I would never", I screamed. I had no idea what they were talking about? I'm innocent. I can't help it if the Japanese love me!!!(I won for my Fat-so- matic promo only seen in Japan). In fact Kirsty was rated obnoxious by 6 out 10 people.

I agree, Kirsty Alley is the enemy, fat or thin she still looks like a bird of Prey.

"She actually finished 8th for her Jenny Craig spots", I added

Then her guy said "How did you know that?, is it not true that you are the originator and founder of the "Spoksey"?. Isn't your sister Rita the VP of this organization'.

"No its not true", I added.."Yes, Rita is the VP of voting but it was my friend and mentor Hickory Thicket(the Maria Callas of Spokesmodeling) who is the founder, of "Spokesperson International" not me".

The he started yelling saying that "I am an old drunk trying to keep Kirsty from what she rightly deserves"

"Yeah, so what", I replied with a spatter of laughter

"The so what is that Kirsty is pissed and was telling all the scientologists about her misfortune at the hands of an extra", he added

At that moment I could have jumped through the phone and rung his neck, that bitch!!!

"She's won before for that god damn "Pier one commercial", whats the issue". I deserve it for all of the hard work, the many years I suffered waiting around for the stars to get their lines right, please!!! Drew Barrymore took 65 takes in the last film I did. I had to make 65 mocha latte's at starbucks(Starbucks lady # 13)...All she had to say was "I love you"......argh!!!!!

"Anyway Ms. Channing, Kirsty will be getting to the bottom of this, I will be in touch" and he slammed the phone down

What an ass....This better not effect my job with "The Jitterbug". I better call Hickory

I'll keep you posted

Kisses, MargOH!

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