Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Day drama

Hey Kids,

I had not planned on doing anything for Thanksgiving just because of all the recent craziness going on but Cuchie insisted.

I called up a few of the gang, Polly Holiday, Diane Keaton, Mickey and Jan, Shirley Bassey, Glen-da the super and Princess McCool. I told them Cuchie was just making some food and to stop by for some champers. My fiance Jeff was going to be singing and my darling piano man Jarad was going to tinkle the keys.

The doorbell rang at about 1pm and to my surprise Berna was standing there with a look of sorrow on her face. I let her in and took her things and she hugged me, well almost crushed me and I pushed her away. Stoli got in between us just in case a brawl started.

I couldn't believe it...the old bitch apologized and begged for her job back. Well, it being thanksgiving I told her I'd think about it but for now she could just eat and get off to Kathie Lee's.

The Berna went over to Jarad and whispered in his ear and she busted into song...singing "I'm telling you I'm not going" from Dreamgirls. She was well just amazing...Cuchie, Stoli, and Glen-da jumped to our feet. It was an inspired performance. Berna then went on to straighten up the whole house. I hadn't seen her do that much work since 1978.

I started to wonder what the motive was....then it entered. She went back outside and brought in a guy she met in Italy named Carlo. Berna told everyone that they were engaged and needed a place to stay. I figured something was up!

Oh, Crap I gotta run...I'm headed to Joan Rivers for a drinky. I saw her last week at "race to deliver".

I'll continue the story gets a bit wild.

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. phoebe3:26 AM

    pff! we knew she'd be back... can't wait for more news on this carlo character! xxx

  2. Joannie! Do tell her I said Hi! ;)

    Haven't seen you in ages MargOH!! Whatcha doin? Keepin' urself busy? Partying too much?

    I can only hope,