Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Grand "Madame" w/ Joe Kovaks

Hey Kids,

I went to Madame's show last night and the old dame's still got it... Thanks
to Joe Kovaks.

I missed that sassy puppet and all she has and is able to get away with. I remember when she was banned from vegas for being too vulgar.... Oh how she will shine now. Vulgarity is king.

Joe does a wonderful job and really gives "Madame" a well written and fun show.

I would love to have her guest on one of my shows but I am not sure if MargOH! can hold the stage with a legend...Oh who am I kidding.. Of course I can...

My favorite line from the show was when madame was singing let's call the whole thing off

"I say Vagina, you say Vagena, you say Penis, i say stick it in me".. what a fabulous broad....

Thanks Madame and Joe for the laughs

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Hi MargOH!, i had a phobia of the muppets when I was a child - so Madame would have had me really screaming. But now I think I could brave it out, as indeed, she sounds a fabulous broad. I just responded on my blog to your message! I hope you'll agree it's a good plan... and can you find little dan?? PHOEBS XXX