Friday, August 18, 2006

P-town here we come

Hey Kids,

Berna and I have been invited to John Waters summer pad in P-town this weekend so we'll be having a gay old time. I landed a small role in the upcoming "Hairspray" movie. I will play Corny Collin's dance lady # 6. I reluctantly took the role but John insisted. I just feel it is not a good idea. The first Harispray film is one of my favorites of all time. I fell it is a slap in the face to the memory of Divine, John Travolta, Please!!!!... I still may back out but maybe I can talk John out of letting them do this film. Though he has to pay for his summer rental so I guess the money will win....

On the other hand having me in the movie might give it that bit of camp it needs. I could even hold up a photo of Divine during the shoot to keep it real.

Anywho , I heard that Mink Stole is also going to be there too. I can't wait to see her again, she can knock back Martini's with the best of them and she's got a mean poker hand.This should be a grand weekend... John is a doll for having us. Oh dear I must run and get my tankini, oh no I better get a one piece...still a bit well rotund for anything skimpy.

I won't be posting until tuesday my loves so hold on tight....

Oh yes, exciting MargoH! mentions. I've added Chris Tuttle to the Martini Club of blogs I read, he is a nice boy so give him a read. I was mentioned on Best gay blogs... they didn't say anything special but at least they said something... I guess

Also I am doing an interview for a Fashion Magazine called P.S. I love you on Tuesday and I may be doing a guest spot on Frank Decaro Sirius radio show in the next couple of weeks. It will be during Ken Kleiber's segment on a Thursday. I'll let you know when that's finalized kids so If you have Sirius you can tune in!!

Love you all my darlings....

I 'll be back next week, til then enjoy my pic of the day

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. That pic is hot MargOH!... it will help get me through the day, that's for sure :)

  2. Hey MargOH! just caught up on your blog, what an exciting week, not to mention an eirie one, i couldnt sleep at night knowing that un-godly lump of porcelain was in the same house as me, uuurggh!
    Ive been in hibernation this week since this bitch of a curator slit my throat and shat in it! not litrally but she may as well have, she's been giving me allsorts of crap about this exhibition which unfortunatly i had to pull out of due to her jelousy issue's.
    anyhow, bugger her, is her loss!
    cant wait to hear your new song, im sure it shall be a hit, carefull though im sure just like in the artworld the world of showbiz is full of wankers just waiting to pull the carpet from underneath you and spit on you when your down! its a dog eat dog world MargOH!

    dan xxxxxxxx

  3. Love the pic (I agree with Nathan)....good luck in P-Town, you lucky bitch.

  4. Hey MargOH! I must get in line to agree that this pic is hot! No wonder John Waters got you on board!!! ;)

    Can't wait to see your show!

    As for the add, I always appreciate being read by a queen. ;) BUT... I must admit, we need to get you a laptop--or is it internet access that's keeping you from blogging while out of town?? Whatever the case, we must fix! I need day-to-day updates!


  5. HI All,

    I'm back....and what a hot one it was I'll fill you in asap.

    Chris love, I do lap top but i decided to have a computer free holiday this time around... I was also writing some new bits for the upcoming shows so I needed to concentrate on drinking and writing...kisses, MargOH!