Thursday, August 03, 2006

Danny,Donnan and Madame

Hey Kids,

I finally got to meet some of my blog buddies. I of course have spoken and emailed the darlings like Nathan Exposed, Danny Boy of Dan Turning Forty, Lady Bunny and others but I finally met Dannyboy and his sassy mate Donnan.

We met at Splashbar on Musical Mondays and it was a blast. It of course was hotter than hell and I had been drinking all day to keep cool so I was a bit tired but Danny and Donnan perked me right up. They are sweet dolls and just love em. I am so happy they fit little old MargOH! into their busy schedule. I hope they enjoyed themselves in old NY. Come back again soon. I am also thinking of trying to book a show in San francisco, maybe I could hang on a trolley, how exciting.

I also Met "Madame" at Splashbar, that fabulous old bitch. I haven't seen that puppet since "studio 54" when she was snorting sawdust. She invited me to her show at the cutting room on Monday, can't wait... Love her....I was so excited to see her I forgot to ask for a pic...silly MargOH!

It was a fab evening and I am so glad to have met Danny, Donnan and Madame, it doesn't get any better than that kids...

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Cute! and so is your spikey hair-do margOH!
    Maybe we'll get to meet you soon too, especally as Dan just got a job MODELLING in arena
    homme magazine!! (he'd be too bashful to tell) Surely the NY catwalks beckon...
    miss.boosey xxx

  2. Looks like a great time! And I see the boys are starting to almost dress alike too. Awwww, isn't that cute?

    Yeah, it's hard to get a picture with Madame. She's a mysterious gal.

  3. Oh Loves,

    My UK Dan is a Model, wow... I am dying to see what he looks like?

    I hope you come over for my show in September, that would be grand..

    Do you like the spikey hair??? I like it in person bu this pic of me is a bit bad I think... I look like my head may eat danny Boys... he is smaller than I thought he'd be.

    Yes Nathan we had a good time but it was much too short. That Madame is a real winner. I'm going to her show Monday and may ask her to be a guest on mine... How fun

    Kisses, The Big M

  4. You should do a show up here in Winnipeg. Plenty of drinking and smoking.

  5. Aaaaw. I'm still in Maine and FAR behind on my blog was a blast to meet you, too.

  6. Madame LOVES photos...

    If you are indeed coming to tonight's show, Madame hangs out for photos aftewards and you can definately get yours! :)

    ps... get there early, doors open at 7pm, show's at 8pm - first come, best seats.