Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MargOH! on "Thats Kentertainment"

Hey Kids,

I'll be doing a spot on "Thats Kentertainment" being shown September 7th @ 12AM On Friday Morn or is that late Thursday eve on MNN, I believe channel 34 for Time warner folks. Anywho Ken and I did a quick interview and he will be showing clips from my show @ The Duplex. Ken is also joining me for the live show on the 14th and he is a hoot. All my fans from all over can also watch this show because you can watch it on They have a live feed of all the shows so you all can actually tune in and watch MargOH!

I've been in a blog funk but there has been much going on but of course I've been Lazy in telling my day to day activities.... Darlings I'll get back in the swing of things soon....

Well I must tell you one thing, I auditioned for the musical "Grey Gardens" but didn't get the part, I'm not sure why... I knew Little Edie Beale when she was knocking around the city after Big Edie died and caught her cabaret act a couple of times...she was a dame for sure and very energetic and wonderfully entertaining. She showed me how to tie a turban and i have never forgotten. I think I didn't get the part because of the fact I told the director he had it all wrong, ya think!! Its not gritty enough..too fluffy I think. We'll have to see

Oh yes, i'm already thinking of a Holiday show. I think I'm going to call it "A Fishmongers Christmas" mmmmm that'll be fun, fun, fun

Kisses, MargOH!

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  1. hey, phoebes told me to watch grey gardens recently, havent got round to it yet, but you just know when phoebe recommends somthin its gonna be good! its a shame they turned you down margOH! but its good you put that lousy director in his place!
    I shall have to rent it soon.
    P.s Hows Berna?


  2. Doo,

    Yes the documentary is wildly fascinating and a bit disturbing. It is worth the rental.

    It reminds me of what may have happened if i had never left Bangor and had to care for my mother Sully...frightening.

    Kisses, MargOH!

  3. Hey MargOH! - can't wait to see the show online - I need some kentertainment. There's a show on over here that you'd love MargOH!, its called "How do you solve a problem like Maria?": Graham Norton presents, and ten girls have to perform for Andrew Lloyd Weber & co, trying to win the part of Maria in the new Sound of Music show. My favourite is the stroppy Romanian called Simona - she had to do "Material Girl" the other week, and drag queens all over the UK must have been swooning with delight! It's really good. Plus Andrew Lloyd Weber sits on a funny throne and looks like Stephen Hawking, and everytime the camera goes on him, they play "The Phantom of the Opera" - Brilliant!
    I totally agree with you about Grey Gardens "the musical" - fluff! Mind you, I'd like to see Edward Albee do something with it... and I bet you do a mean Little Edie, MargOH!
    Phoebs xxx