Monday, August 28, 2006

MargOH! goes Glam Slam

Hey Kids,

I attended a fabulous scary party on Friday... Well the tennis channel hosted a party called Glam Slam 2006. Well I of course went with Billie Jean who is not well lets say "known for Glamour" so I was a bit concerned. Billie looked okay in her usual suit...she's big as a house anyway.

The party was fun and of course I was a big hit with the boys in my carolina herrera plunging neckline gown. I mean those boys gotta see something else besides balls ya think. Tommy Haas was speechless and James Blake rubbed his shiny head in my cleavage until his mother slapped him and said that is no way to treat a lady. I said, that's okay I'm no lady, LOL. Of course MargOH! always ends up sitting with the wrecks and I was plopped at a table with Oksana Baiul who is now looking a little like E.T. I thought she kept asking to use my phone in between downing shots of vokda..someone needs a trip to rehab.

My other concern is that tennis players, the ladies, have very little fashion sense..they need help, Mary Pierce is a wreck, Jelena Jankovic looked like a rotten banana. I think I need to become a stylist to the tennis world. Even Serena should know better than to wear peddle pushers to a Glam event, very sad.

I ended up leaving in disgust at the fashions and the fact that Mardy Fish grabbed my ass, gross....

Kisses, MargOH!

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