Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Spelling sucks lately

Hey Kids,

I noticed that my spelling has been horrible latley... see what I mean. I do Here instead of Hear and your instead of you're...It stinks. I must work harder to get it wright, there I go again...damn

I think I need to dwink more(I meant that bad spelling). I came up with a new drink to kick off my morning. I am off coffee unless It has bailey's or Jameson's in it.

It's called "The Pom Perk me Up". It is Pom juice, Red Bull and Stoli in a tall glass with crushed ice...It's fabulous. Made my nipples hard this morning before I went for my morning walk...mmmm My morning walk. I started doing that when I realized this guy eduardo was delivering Goya products to the grocery across the street. I never knew those delivery trucks had sleeping cabs in them as well but Eduardo showed me the interior every other day for 3 weeks stuff he is.

Anyway kids..i am still holding off on making any decisions on my marraige proposal but you'll here as soon as i let him know, he is getting a bit annoyed but I am MargOH! Channing after all...

Kisses, MargOH!

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