Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm back Part 1

Hey KIds,

P-Town was just wonderful.... though Berna fucked up and John wasn't even there... no worries Berna broke the window and we made ourselves compfy... don't worry I called a glass man and had them send someone over to replace it..silly people.

Well thats when the fun started... they sent over this hunky boy named Neil and he ended up putting in more than a new window. I was wearing my black one piece disco pantsuit with bling...very retro. He said I reminded him of an older, more plump version of Ally McGraw from Love story, huh, I thought, but I knew I should send Berna to the package store.... I told Neil to take off his shirt and gave him some lemonade from the fridge and when he took a sip it dribbled down his chest.. I of course licked it off. Neil said "Ms. Channing I'm gay" I replied "Neil I'm Bi" so its okay". He took me right there in front of the broken was hot.

Oh Dear, I have to go , i'll contiunue soon. I have an interview via the phone for a magazine called "PS I love you". It is a fashion magazine done by my friend La John Joseph from myspace..

Kisses, MargOH!

The P-town stories will continue....


  1. Its wet and windy here MargOH! i rekon if your antics over the weekend were to be re-enacted in london the spray of cold rain and wind coming through the broken window blowing your hair would have quite a spectacular effect on the scene. have you ever dabbled in the adult entertainment industry MargOH!? i rekon youd be a star!

    dan xxx

  2. Dan love,

    How is my baby? It was rainy one day over my holiday... I love the rain makes me wet.LOL

    I of course started my career in a Russ Meyer Film "Common Law Cabin". At the time these were considered a bit risque but I never have been an adult actress. I left that to my sister Rita whom has a had a long career in the sex arts. I did become a fluffer by accident while visiting her on set once...Well I mean it was just hanging there so I thought I might as well help him out....

    Of course Dan if you would like to do one together I am more than willing...Maybe we can do a porn version of a "Star is Born"

    Kisses, MargOH!

    PS. Is modeling bringing you to NY soon, I hope...

  3. i dont rekon modelling is really a career option for me, it wa just a bit of fun, but who needs modlling as an excuse for a jaunt to newyork? ive never been and hope to come soon, will keep you posted.