Friday, August 11, 2006

Ken Kleiber visits MargOH!

Hey Kids,

I have my 2 shows coming up in September and will welcome Ken Kleiber from "Thats Kentertainment" as a guest on the September 14th show.

Ken and I have been friends since i've been in NY and he is a fun lad, though when I was doing my talk show he stole many guests from me... the jerk, I still love him and he will be a grand edition to my show.

The pic is of my guest spot on "Thats Kentertainment" Christmas episode a couple of years back. We had a blast. We did a duet of "Baby its cold outside" so I am sure we'll duet again for my show.... We will be doing a promo for my show on "Thats Kentertainment" on September 7th, you can watch via the web..I'll update as I get them

Come to the cabaret people.

Kisses, The Big M